Burnout is common in many jobs and especially in the child care business. Are you experiencing daycare burnout: A lack of passion for your job, stressed and overworked? A daycare owner asked, “How do you handle daycare  burnout?” We asked daycare owners on the Own A Daycare’s Facebook how they prevent burnout. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and wonderful tips about daycare burnout with OwnADaycare!

Daycare burnout

When I get burn out. I revamp my daycare area. Sometimes looking at the same stuff, the same walls, the same toys, just start to become monotonous. I re-excite myself by changing it up! Swap out toys with new ones, re-organize everything, change where my centers are, new posters on the walls and if you can (I can’t) paint the walls a fresh new color! Also take plenty of time for JUST YOU in the evenings and especially the weekends. Do your paperwork and planning during nap time so that you have more free time for you. Go to a spa, get a massage, haircut, a mani/pedi.

I got it once when I was a full time licensed provider, so when we moved and I had the option to a smaller group and no licensing actively involved, I took the pay cut (thanks to hubby’s job, it’s do-able) and jumped on the opportunity to an all play-based small group, real family child care, meaning I feel more like a stay at home mom with a few kids than a teacher, we play, we do learn, but not on a curriculum or strict lesson plan, I get some of my house work done with the help of the little ones, and I’m a lot less stressed that way.

I cut way back on my client load. I only have 2 daycare kids at the moment. I also homeschool my 2 children, so I had to do something. I was so burnt out. I felt trapped in my own home because I could never leave with a house full of kids. Now that I only have 2 DC kids, we can go on walks, go to the park, grocery store, etc. I also shortened my workday. I use to be open from 6 to 6. Now my hours are 7-5:30. It’s still a long day, but not as bad. I also take more vacation time and take time off during the holidays. I’ve learned over the years that you can’t make every client happy. I was miserable for years because I tried to cater to every client. I still have a client that seems annoyed when I take my vacation, but I deserve family time just as she does. I figure if someone doesn’t like my schedule then they are more than welcome to find another provider.

It actually might be good to seriously look at who in your daycare is causing stress on a daily basis. I had a little girls years ago, that I sadly did not look forward to everyday. Sorry but she was stressful. Once she was gone (started school) I could not believe the difference. I did not even realize how bad my Provider Burn out was till after. I would not let this happen again. Sometimes we have to let them go for the good of all.

Currently working 11 hour days, 5 days a week. At the end of the day I vacuum and straighten the playroom for the next day. Make my family dinner. Take care of my pets. Relax for a half hour and then it’s literally time for bed. Get up and do it all again! It’s a tough schedule. Weekends are filled with grocery shopping, errands, chores, laundry. Several years ago I worked a 4 day week and it made it much easier to keep up. But I am currently painting and reorganizing the playroom. That will be a nice change for spring.

I recently experienced it and I am fortunate enough to be able to cut back on my client load until I feel ready to take on more again. I had kids from 4am until almost 7pm some nights. It took too much of a tool on me and my family. I had parents taking me for granted, not paying on time, ignoring policies, etc. I went through and eliminated and life has been so much better since then.

You must take vacations, at least one yearly and do nothing but focus on you and your family. I do it twice per year for myself and my staff and it works wonders and has for the past 10 years. We’re all going to Jamaica in May for total rest and relaxation. NO KIDS NO WORK. Thank you!

I was really struggling with burnout a while back and stumbled upon a book called, Finding Your Smile Again written by Jeff Johnson. I highly recommend that all providers read it, we are human and everyone gets burned out now and then!

What do u do if your parents can’t swing letting you off one Friday every month? I have kids 12 hours a day 5 days a week for the past 16 years. When they leave its time to help my son with his homework then dinner then bed. Weekends aren’t long enough. I don’t have time to meet with other providers.

You MUST take a vacation every summer paid! Take off more holiday- I currently am rethinking my successful childcare business – thinking about going back to teaching because I miss adult interaction after 6 yrs.!! I know I will have a major pay cut but I am still considering it!

I hired someone for no more than 10 hours per week. It feels great and I split it to 3 days. It’s only $10/hr. which is low for my area. She’ll fill in when I’m not here for a flat daily rate. It’s worth it and my parents understand. Working 11 hrs. a day can be exhausting.

Taking paid vacation is a must!!! I also give myself 5 paid personal days per year and paid holidays. I always look ahead to see when Christmas is and give myself an extra day tacked onto the weekend. I also agree with the other providers that redoing your space both inside and out helps. Spring is here and just being able to be outside knowing our parents are sitting in an office makes me smile. When all rake fails give each child a hug and at the end of the day have a glass of wine!

Redesign your space and get a few new exciting colorful…entertaining play things. I also like to get out once a week to the children’s museum or butterfly pavilion. Have someone come in a help out a few hrs. a day always makes me feel revived!




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