A Closer Look into the Benefits of Sending Your Child into a Daycare

by admin on May 13, 2009

Daycares help mold a child into a well rounded and happy person. Man is a social being hence from early on, as babies, need interaction with others. Engaging in activities with other children whether they are peers or older children help the child develop useful social skills early on. This interaction eases the child’s first encounter with a radically different environment from his home which is school. In a daycare, the child begins to get used to being around other children whom he will encounter once he enters preschool or kindergarten. It is still quite different from a school wherein the environment is more strict and rigid. The daycare gives a gentler environment with focus on play and interaction. In his interactions with other children, the child learns self control, respect, and sharing. He also begins to build friendships.

Exposure to other people aside from his parents eases the shock of being away from them during most of the day when he starts to go to school. This lessens the chance of separation anxiety. Being with his peers allows the child to start making friends and get used to receiving less attention than he normally would at home with his parents. This kind of environment is something the child has to get used to in school where there is only one teacher for a bunch of students.

Aside from strengthening his socialization skills, the child may also begin to learn basic information such as the alphabet and counting. He also gains basic skills in listening and information processing. He is exposed to an environment similar to a classroom giving him a basic understanding of what to expect once he starts school. Daycares also help with homework and provide extracurricular activities for the children to enjoy like camping, sports, arts, and etc. This exposes the child to different things allowing him to broaden his horizon and provide an opportunity to discover his interests.

Again, it is reiterated that the child’s parents play the biggest part in his development. The interaction of a child with his parents is very important especially after spending the day away from them. The child will want to share everything about his new experiences so parents should show interest by asking him about his new friends, his teachers, and the things he learned. Allowing the child to recall his encounters vividly not only allows for quality bonding between him and his parents but also helps him commit to memory the things he learned. It is ultimately interesting and rewarding for parents to see their children encounter the world with their own eyes. Parents should make the most out of their children at this stage as they will only go through this once.

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