A Daycare with Continuing Benefit from Fundraisers

by admin on April 21, 2009

Some centers need to have fundraising activities in order to collect funds for their daily operations. Most daycare foundations that are in need of funds are those that are operated by public organizations. These organizations aim to provide service for free. Thus, they have to look for alternative ways to fund their activities.

Organizations that collect funds are often not sure whether or not to involve the children in their fundraising activities. Unlike in schools where students are encouraged to join the activities, the children in daycare centers are not required. In this case, the daycare center staff and workers are usually the one involved in their fund raising activities.

Win the Learning Experience
The involvement of the children in their fund raising activities may not be required but there are many reasons why they should. Aside from the fact that the children are the primary beneficiaries of the said activities, being involved in fundraising activities will also help them learn the sense of the responsibility that comes with it. They will also learn important values as they do the assigned tasks given to them. Values such as hard work, patience, perseverance and dedication are few of the things they will learn. No matter how simple they tasks maybe, it is a good avenue for them to start to work and get things done on their own. This will develop their sense of responsibility to things that they are expected to do.

The staff and organizers will be the mentors of the young children. They guide and assist the children as they learn. They will give reasonable tasks to the kids that they are capable of doing. In this kind of activities, it is a two way learning experience both for the kids and the staff.

The Rewarding Benefit
The involvement of the children who are the beneficiaries of the activity will help to encourage people to share whatever they have. It will be a good way for the people to see who will benefit from their donations. The children thus, can capture the hearts of people that would become more eager to help them. It will reflect the mission of the activity to help children and give them the support they need.

The involvement of the children in such activities may not be required. But one thing is for sure that is the children can make a lot of difference. Aside from helping in their own little ways, they can also encourage more people to give funds for their daycare center just by being involved. And at the end of the day whether they join in the activities or not, the effort and hard work of the staff and organizers will always be for their benefits.

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