Activities you should do in a daycare center

by admin on May 28, 2009

My Books’ Home

This is an activity for children from 2 to 6 years old. Make your child realize the importance of books by setting up a home library. This will encourage your child to read more. In building a home library, one would need books from any source and a bookcase where books can be placed.

• Choose a place which you can assign the book corner so that your child would know where to find or put her books.
• Help her put the books in order. You can categorize the books in any method you want so long as it will help her to easily find a book.
• Proceed to your local library’s children’s section. There, read with and select books which she wants to bring home. You can borrow them and put them in your child’s special place for books for the meantime.
• During birthdays and special occasions, encourage members of the family and some friends to give your child a book as a present.
• You can also place the books that you made with your child in the home library.

Your Baby’s Photo Journal

This activity is fit to enhance the imaginations of your children from ages 3 to 6 years old. By just looking at the pictures, you and your kid can create your own story. For this activity, you would need a pair of scissors, sheets of construction paper, old magazines and picture books with do not have word written on them at all.
• Scan the whole book first with your kid. Then ask him on what, for him, is the story all about. As you go from one page to another, say what you think happens in each picture and then tell your imagined story together.
• For every page, have your child identify people, things or animals. Talk about the pictures together and ask if your child thinks that the pictures he sees can be found in real life.
• Make your child do this activity with another kid or maybe with another family member. Doing so will encourage him to read as it will make it seem like he is the “reader”.
• Get drawing and pictures from magazines so your child can create a picture book on his own.

Come Join Me in Rhyming!

This rhyming activity aims to help children focus their attention to sounds through listening to the words. All you will need in this activity will be books containing rhyming words and songs.

• Sing songs with rhyming words with your kid. These rhyming games might include tossing balls and clapping.
• As you go on reading rhymes for your child, stop before saying the rhyming word that comes next and ask your child to guess the word. If she does, do not forget to give her praises.
• Sing with your child rhymes in songs that you hear from the radio or at family gatherings.
• Point items at home and ask your child to give you names that rhyme with them. For example, if you point to a chair, ask her for words that rhyme with it. Allow your child to give you words that may be nonsense: bed—led, shed, red, sed, yed, zed.
• Give your child three words like cat, bad, and bed and make her give rhyming words to thosesounds.
• If it is just easy for your child’s name to rhyme with words, ask your child ro give you names that rhyme to her name: Mark—bark, dark, lark, hark.
• You can also encourage your kid to play online some rhyming games.

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