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by admin on April 26, 2009

Taking care of children is quite a challenging task especially for child care facilities. Children by nature, have a shorter attention span compared to adults. In child care centers, they must find ways to prevent the kids from having tantrums. One of the most effective ways of catching the attention of the kids is by providing them with fun activities. Fun activities are usually brought by activity tables that offer a wide variety of enjoyable activities for the kids.

There are certain requirements so that the activity table that you choose will surely make the children forget about time. First, a large activity table is recommended so that more than one child can use it. It is recommended that the activity table has a cover which can be closed after playing. The deeper the activity table, the better it is because it will be able to hold more stuff and toys inside.

After having the activity table, the next challenge is to search and pick things that you would like to put inside the table. Two of the common activity table fillers are sand and water. Sand is fun to be used because it can form shapes when damp. It can also be dry and can come in different colors that will capture the child’s attention. Toys such as plastic shovels and buckets can help the child to enjoy scooping and pouring the sand. Other toys such as animals, trucks, cars, little dolls and seashells can bring about a whole new imagination to the children. Water on the other hand can also be clear or tinted with bright shades. They will have enjoy pouring water and at the same time learn like washing toy dishes and bathing dolls.

Writing materials that are safe such as washable markers are helpful for them to have fun while learning to write and draw as well. During summer days, blocks of ice with little toys frozen inside is another innovative way of enjoying even with a hot weather.

Other stuff that are readily available can also be good table fillers such as dry rice, dry beans, flour, corn meal and confetti. Aside from they learn what these substances are; they can also associate color, texture and shapes. Play dough or clay is also fun way to help the kids use their imagination. Another fun activity that they can do is mixing corn starch with water. This results in a solid material when squeezed but can run through the fingers like water. Children can also use dried leaves, flowers and stick while they play. They can even use a bag of potting soil and water to play with mud.

While enjoying the activities, make sure that the children are well guided and supervised. Activity tables shall be kept clean after use. Fun activities are not only confined with books and television. You can be innovative and use available things while making the children enjoy and learn as well.

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