Advantage Of Daycare For Single Parents

by admin on February 24, 2009

It’s the new year and you can definitely say that it’s a bad way of welcoming the year because of the staggering economy. This is a great concern for every individual all over the world but it’s even of a bigger concern for single parents who do not have a partner in life to share their expenses with. When daycare expenses takes a toll on your income, it becomes especially important for single parents out there to think of creative ways on how you to find various solutions to fit it in their budget. Even if budget remains to be a continuing concern, it is still very much important for single parents to consider the quality of services their children can be provided with by a particular daycare center.

Here are some ideas that can help you budget and possibly cut down on your expenses for a daycare service:

1. If possible, have a relative watch your children and this could provide you with the assurance that your child is in good hands since blood is definitely much thicker than water. Also, this does not necessarily cost you anything. A relative will help for FREE for sure.

2. Offer help to other single parents when it comes to caring for their child. This way, when you are in need, chances are, the same parent could also offer you with the same type of help.

3. Start a neighborhood block, or apartment coop with other parents that are in need of finding quality and cheap daycare solutions. This is a great way of trading time that requires you to work in the Coop on assigned days, nights or weekends as part of your payment to use the services. Often your coop would charge a nominal fee for costs to keep the coop running and provide meals, books, and supplies.

4. Working part-time or job sharing can be found in some positions today. For example, Microsoft often had over the years receptionist job sharing positions where one would work mornings and the other would work afternoons. This way a full shift is covered but with two people job sharing the duties. Ask your employer if this is a possibility. You don’t know until you ask.

5. As you know, the daycare facilities run the ladder in prices and services they offer. Often your State will have subsidized programs, as well as larger employers will have subsidized daycare facilities where they pay a portion of your costs. A very nice perk. Research is required to find the facilities who offer well rounded programs depending on your income.

6. In home Nannies are also a possibility but affording in-home care is often very expensive. Check into local churches who have a large population of immigrant members. You might get lucky and find a wonderful Nanny from such countries as Russia who once taught school before coming to the United States. I have been very fortunate when my children were school age to find the best Nannies through this solution.

The Effects of Daycare Centers on Children

Children could definitely maximize the countless advantages they can be provided with when they are enrolled in a daycare center. They are primarily enrolled in a place where they can be assured of quality care, safety and several other advantages.

With other children also present at the daycare, from babies to toddlers to pre-primary or even primary school children (that come in after attending school), your child at daycare learns to live in a social environment and learns new skills such as communication, interactivity play and team games besides values such as sharing, table manners, importance of obeying rules and being in a structured environment. So, when your child is ready to go to school, he or she has some sort of foundational base already about performing in a structured environment thanks to daycare training! It’s much like thinking of daycare as your child’s first school and outside community living experience that helps him or her learn to interact with other kids – like a unique and playful learning environment.

Children make friends, learn to follow rules, play turn by turn, learn good habits such as nap-time and putting away toys after finishing with them; a good childcare facility will have trained personnel and teachers to involve children in a variety of fun activities such as painting, puppetry, motor-skills expansion games and clay or sand-play besides music, dance and reading classes so not only does the child imbibe a whole new world of play-way method learning but attending a daycare also reduces the chances of separation anxiety for them when they finally have to go to school.

Thus, daycare essentially makes it easier for both the child and the parents to adapt to school life better and faster, as basic number, alphabet and speech concepts have already been picked up by most kids attending daycare regularly besides important socialization skills.

Most daycare centers also encourage a classroom-styled environment for older kids about to enter proper school so they are not intimidated by the first experience at the school and thus it is sort of a preparatory step towards formal schooling – albeit in a fun environment.

Daycare facilities also have teachers on the payroll, many of whom supervise timely homework schedules being adhered to by older, school-going kids and also guide them on various subjects, so parent’s burdens are lessened.

Thus, with a bunch of benefits – from meals, nap, games, studies and safety taken care of by quality daycare centers, parents have a great deal going for them if they pick the right one for their child; but, of course, they still need to play the Mommy-Daddy once the child gets home, right from the hug, to the ‘how did your day go’ and ‘glad to have you back,’ routine – it works to keep the children feel loved and cherished.

Doing this can definitely make your children understand that enrolling them to a daycare center can benefit them in countless different ways.

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