Advantages And Disadvantages Of Daycare Centers On Children

by admin on March 12, 2009

Truth be told, enrolling your child to a daycare center can pose both positive and negative effects on children. Ever since women started working regularly and being employed by certain companies, more and more children are being brought to daycare centers where they are usually cared for and taught while their parents are tied down with ways on how to generate income into their households.

Enrolling your child to the services of a daycare center can be a tremendous opportunity for your child to learn new things and interact with different types of people. They can also improve their vocabulary as well and learn how to open themselves up to others. Children are also gifted with the opportunity to learn basic academic skills at an earlier age, and adapt to the more rigid structure of a classroom environment prior to entering Kindergarten, easing what is often a difficult transition for children who are kept at home in their preschool years.

On the other hand, not all day care providers can provide you with the assurance of giving your child quality education and care requirements. Some daycare centers do not have enough staffs and workers who can attend to every child’s need that’s why in some cases, some staffs and employees of certain daycare centers end up to become very irritable and indifferent when it comes to dealing with children.

When your child reaches the age when he or she is ready to enter preschool, he or she is attended to by a single teacher together with around fourteen other studentsyou’re your child happens to be very timid, there is a very great and high risk that your child will be given less attention by his or her teacher. This behavior may stem from the need to compete for attention from a very young age, and is displayed in children of large families as well. Those children who are quiet and well behaved are set to the side while the teachers struggle to deal with the children who are not so self sufficient; is it any wonder, then, that this often results in these children learning to emulate the less than savoury behaviour of their peers, whom they see receiving the individual attention they crave?

The teachers should display a genuine love for the children, with experience and training in child development and psychology, allowing them to quickly detect a problem with a student before it starts to become uncontrollable. Parents should remain in contact with the child’s teacher, by receiving progress reports and observing classroom behaviour on a regular basis. It is also important for the child’s parents to be open when it comes to interacting and dealing with the schools. This way they can have the assurance of ensuring a better and brighter life for their child.

Although there are both advantages and disadvantages to enrolling your child to a daycare center, at the end of the day it is important for you to sit down with your child and talk to them about it.

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