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by Carla on September 18, 2009

One of the first steps in finding clientele for child day care center is through advertising in your own neighborhood. Flyers are an inexpensive way to create visibility for your childcare business.

Here are a few tips for creating a daycare flyer that gets noticed and also gets responses.

  • Keep it simple! Make sure the flyer is colorful has the name of your daycare in large letters, and simple logo. Most people wont to take the time read a flyer that is cluttered with too much information. The flyer should detail days and hours of service, the age ranges of children you care for, details about your meal service.
  • Do NOT list your full address on the flyer, but do list your phone number. This is for your safety as a daycare provider and security of the children in your care. Simply describe the area (for example: A quiet, safe residential area in Belmont Shore)
  • If your daycare cooperates with government subsidized programs, make sure to include this information.
  • Be sure to mention the best and/or unique features of your daycare. For example if you or your director has a bachelor’s degree in education or has acquired a certain number of early childhood education units, make note of it. If someone on the staff has special certificates or has attended special workshops, list that. If you offer drop in care or extended hours, or you own an environmentally friendly daycare center, be sure to highlight these aspects of your business

Once you have created your simple flyer they can be distributed door to door and placed strategically on bulletin boards in related businesses.  Great places to post your daycare flyer include grocery stores, laundry mats, schools, and churches. You should also place your flyer on the windshield wipers of cars parked at places were parents shop like toy stores, and children’s clothing stores. Your local hospital is also a great resource. Usually they give information, coupons, and freebies to new moms. Ask hospital staff if they could include your flyer in that package.

Your local realtors and leasing agents are also a great source for advertising your daycare business. The usually give a welcome package to new residents which includes a directory along with flyers and business cards from local businesses. Ask for a meeting with the realtors and leasing agents in your local community and ask them to include your flyer in their welcome package. Let them know that your reliable and affordable daycare services are an additional selling feature of the neighborhood.

Again, it is very important that your flyer looks professional and polished and details all of your contact information and high quality services.  If you are posting flyers in public areas, use letter sized sheets and include handy tear away sections on the bottom which include the name of your childcare center and phone number. Flyers are a great marketing tool for your daycare business. If you’re search for staff, also note this on the flyer; it’s also a great way to alert those seeking child care jobs.

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