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by admin on January 9, 2009

Starting a daycare business is a very intelligent move. People need extra income to meet the spiraling cost of commodities and utilities. Parents on the other hand need to work full-time, sometimes with extra job on the side, for the same economic reason. By taking advantage of the needs of parents to find a responsible and quality care for their children while they are away in the jobs, your daycare center is guaranteed of income.

For your daycare business to really grow and turn in a modest income, you need to have a substantial number of clients. In order to attract clients, it is necessary that you have to advertise your business. You need not go too far advertising your daycare center as parents will outright reject the idea of putting their children to a far away daycare center. It will cost them precious time and gas to bring their children to a distant daycare center so their first option is one that is just around the area. You should then focus your advertising efforts to an area that is reasonably close to your daycare center. Anything farther will be a waste of your time, money, and efforts.

A very effective form of advertising is creating flyers to advertise your daycare business. Your flyer should give out the name of your daycare center, your name, your address and phone number, and most importantly, your license or accreditation number. You may also include your qualifications and trainings in the area of child care. Having all these in a flyer will make a very impressive advertisement for your daycare center.

You need not spend a ton of money for your flyers. You can create the flyers yourself using your home computer and printer. Show your artistic talent in designing an eye-catching flyer because a dull and flat flyer will simply end up in the trash cans. Then put all the important details and information in the flyer if you are out to get additional clients for your business.

Distribute and put your flyers in areas where your potential clients can see them. The local groceries and stores are good places to put your flyers as parents often visit these establishments. Have your flyers in the notice boards by the entrance of these establishments.

You can put flyers in gyms and in areas close to schools. Parents go to the gyms, they drop off their children to schools so there is a great chance that they will see your flyers.

You can request permission from local churches, museums, and other public places to allow you to put up some flyers in their bulletin boards. They will definitely be seen by people who frequent those places.

The best way to distribute your flyers will be to go around the neighborhood and drop flyers in the mailboxes of houses in your area. It will also a good idea of you can personally deliver your flyer to parents in the neighborhood who have children that need daycare. You may have that important chance of speaking to them personally and discuss what you can offer in your daycare center business.

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