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by admin on January 28, 2009

Congratulations, you’ve just opened your new daycare center and you are on your way to being your own boss. You will have the opportunity to earn your own money and call all the shots for your business. Loving the job you are in and being in total control of your business can be very rewarding not only financially but also emotionally. The success and profitability of your daycare business is in your hands.

Now that you have your daycare center ready and open for business, you need to start getting those customers. You need to find ways to attract customers to do business with you and get the ball rolling. A good way to do this is through marketing and advertising. You need to go out there in the world and let everyone know you are open for business. Okay, so advertising may not be your forte but your business needs it and you have to do it in order for you to get those people walking through your doors. Advertising is not really that difficult. There are many ways for you to advertise your daycare center.

One good way to advertise your business is through friends and family. Let all of them know that your business is open and they can start bringing in their kids or telling other people about it. This is a no-expense advertising for you. I’m sure your friends and relatives would be happy to help you spread the word about your business. Some of them who have kids may even be your first customers. You can give your friends and family members some flyers and business cards that they can help give away to friends or co-workers who are or might need your services.

Business cards and flyers are a cheap way to advertise your business. A lot of people who have business cards often just have them stored in their drawers. Make use of your business cards and don’t be afraid to give them away. That’s what they’re for, to be given away. Once your business card starts circulating, one way or another it is bound to land on someone who actually needs your service. This same goes with flyers. Think of places where your flyers would get the most attention. This would be places where parents usually go.

Grocery stores and supermarkets are ideal to give away these flyers since most moms do their shopping for their family. Groceries would often have notice boards where you can attach your flyers to. Community boards and other public announcement boards in your area perfect spots to put your flyers and yes, people do read these boards.

Another place where you can do some advertising is through print ads. You can advertise through your local paper or community magazines. Make sure your advertisement can be seen by your target market. Make it as attractive as possible but be sure not to over do it. Your ad should have the necessary information about your business and how to contact you. Do not cram all the information in your advertisement since what you want to do is entice your potential customers to inquire about your services. You want them to call you and talk to you, not just read your ads. You can put a small picture or logo that would catch the eyes of the reader.

You can also advertise through mailers if you have enough time to spare. This is a good way to be able to target the specific people you want. Of course you will only be sending mailers to families not to other business establishments as most likely your mailers would just go to the company trash bin. When you send out mailers, be reminded to only send to your own community. Parents who live far away from you will not be travelling a long distance just to drop off their kids before going to work. What they are after is convenience not another problem.

Advertising through the internet is another option for you. You can put up your own website where people who frequent the World Wide Web can learn about you. Make sure your website is easy to navigate and user friendly. Do not, I repeat do not put a lot of pop ups for your website as this will just annoy your site visitors. You don’t want them spending time closing the pop-ups instead of reading information about your business and how to contact you. Make your site simple yet very attractive. A lot of people are using the internet to find daycare centers and if you have a website, then you have a chance to be known and chosen by a lot of parents who need your service.

When you advertise your daycare, be sure you put all the highlights and what makes your daycare center different from all the rest. You would need to have a good marketing strategy. You would need to be creative and provide services that other daycares don’t have. You can advertise all you want but if you do not have a good marketing strategy it could all be just a waste. Remember there is a big need for daycare centers, a lot of people are trying to meet this demand and to stay competitive you have to market your services in such a way that the parents would choose your over them. You have to have innovative ideas that you can put in your advertising to make your business more attractive to your target customers.

One way to market and advertise your business is by doing tie-ups with other companies who share your target market. Children stores and boutiques are good business where you can tie up with. You can help advertise their products at the same time they can help advertise your services to parents who shop at their stores. They can put your business card or flyers at their counters or pay areas where parents would be able to spot them immediately.

Advertising and marketing can take your business far. You just have to be creative and try different ways of allowing people to know you exist and check out your services. Let advertising and proper marketing bring in your customers and the profits that you and your business needs.

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