After-school Program For Teens Brings Comfort To Working Parents

by admin on February 25, 2009

Children who have working parents usually need special attention in times when parents won’t be able to attend to them. While there are childcare programs available now like daycare centers, guidance from parents are still most important.

If you are a parent and you want your child to grow a beautiful person, your presence during those formative years is very crucial. For teenagers, the danger of going astray has a high risk. These risks particularly happen during periods of after-school. You might be wondering or feeling uncomfortable what your teenager is doing at that time of the day. Finding a solution about keeping your child safe thus worth every effort you exert. There are a number of things that you should know to keep your teen safe after-school. Having such information will make you comfortable the next time you could not attend to your son or daughter.

Lack of supervision may lead your teen to risks
Studies show that 37 percent of teenagers fall off course after-school when left unsupervised by parents. These teens may be engaged to drug addiction, premarital sex, and misdemeanours and these happen between the hours 3 pm and 6 pm during school days. Low grades, social incompetence, and accidents are also attributed to the lack of supervision of parents to their teens after school. Aside from giving your teen a healthy environment by your consistent supervision, keeping your teen safe shows to be the principal reason to make sure your teenagers are not left unattended or guided.

Being said the disadvantages of teenagers unsupervised by adults, there is still a greater number of teens left unsupervised than those attending or enrolled in a care program which is a measly 6 percent. What could be the reasons to this? Are parents not aware that they can provide a safety net for their teens after-school hours by enrolling tehm in childcare programs? Has teens outgrown these kinds of programs and think that it is not appropriate for them? Why do parents need to search an after-school childcare program for their teens? What could be the parents’ benefits from them and what kind of program could be hired that your teens may also like?

For very busy parents whose time is almost consumed by the constraint and obligations in the workplace, it is totally demanding and exhausting to still find time to sit with the teen in accomplishing his or her homework. It is even difficult to make sure that the kids’ requirements are met. Educational systems generally focus on the intellectual progress and development and in the students’ success in academics. This may be the first of your intentions in sending your kid to school but development in other aspects of the kid’s life such as physical, emotional, and social is likewise essential. Quality programs for after-school are capable of addressing these particular needs of your kid. That is why it is imperative to wisely select which program should you send your kid to.

In some cases, parents should be thankful if their kid in middle-school has an active involvement in extra-curricular activities such as school plays, sports, organizations, among other school activities that promote the development of students’ social and mental acumen. In these cases, your kid will be busy after-school because of scheduled rehearsals and group meetings. You can be sure that your kid stays with his or her group and risks can be avoided. For kids who won’t be able to join school extra-curriculars and left nothing to do after school, a quality programs can also help develop their personalities. It will truly be a lot easier for the parents to manage their schedule and their kids’ if they hire someone else to take care of the job that they could no longer accommodate because of work. In getting only the quality after-school program for your kids, managing the family doesn’t have to be complicated.

Benefits of out-of-school-programs
Quality programs for kids who are out of school offers activities for the kids that complement those offered in schools and done inside the homes. These activities also promote development in the kid’s personality whether physical, intellectual, or social. Such activities encourage the kids to engage in decision-making, giving solutions to problems, and in having self confidence and esteem. These programs also have health education and other supervised activities that have the primary objective of training the young teens about positive values pertinent to live a happy and healthy life when they mature. Likewise, quality after-school programs provide support to the enrolees in accomplishing their homework—a very helpful feature to busy parents.

Spending time with other kids in the programs who eventually become their friend, make kids live a healthier social life and a bigger social circle were support and friendship can be sought. Through activities presented in the program, young teens also gain a positive learning experience and knowledge is widened because they get to interact with many other kids.

After-school programs are offered in youth organizations such as YMCAs, Boys and Girls Scouts, religious groups, Junior Achievement, parent cooperatives, private schools, and in-home programs run by families.

Helpful and creative ideas for a better program
In most childcare centers, the parents are encouraged to get involved in the activities once in a while no matter how busy they are. The parents participation in the program injects a sense of belonging and comfort for the kids knowing that their parents care and are trying to partake even if they have a tight schedule.

Some programs involve parents by giving them schedule to attend per week. Each family is requested at a certain number of times a week to attend to the kids’ simple needs like in driving for them, doing errands, and support for homework. Making sure there is a parent available in the kids’ endeavours is one creative approach that after-school programs do.

Enlisting parents to take responsibility every once in a while is a great approach to get them involved in the program and the kids to like what they are doing without feeling they are just left unreasonably or neglected for other people’s care.

By having the accurate and relevant information on how after-school programs work and how you and your teen will be benefited, you can be sure that you made just the right and practical solution in averting your kid from danger.

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Josefina January 27, 2010 at 2:00 pm

I am a leasing agent at an affordable housing community and we at the leasing office are concerned with the youths that out on property unsupervised causing damage and exposing themselves to danger. Would you have any sugestions as to how to help these children and you adults? How to steer them in the right direction when their parents are not paying the proper attention?

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