Are You Suited For A Career In Child Care?

by admin on April 28, 2009

It is always important to decide if a certain career is suitable for you. Most especially if it involves the responsibility of shaping children to grow up to be well rounded people. A career in childcare can be both rewarding and tiring. One needs to be eternally patient with handling children as kids can get quite energetic and chaotic. At the same time it can also be fulfilling to help and watch the children learn and grow.

What to expect and what is expected of you
Generally, childcare workers take on the role of a child’s “second parents,” hence they play an important role in the development of the child as well. They are tasked to take care of children who are not yet old enough to attend a formal school as well as older ones who stay in daycares before or after they go to school.

It is also a childcare worker’s task to channel the seemingly inexhaustible energy of children into useful activities that target the child’s emotional, intellectual, social, and physical well being. One must be skilled in the organization of these activities. They should also be able to help explore the child’s individual interests and from there recognize his unique talents and develop them. From various interactive activities, the child should learn how to relate with others. Individual activities should help the child be independent and gain self-esteem. Extracurricular activities the children should engage in are sports, field trips, painting, photography, drama plays, games, learning about computers and others. Childcare workers may also be expected to help other children with their homework. They may also be tasked to bring the children to and from school. The children’s overall well being is taken into account so childcare workers are also responsible for their health and thus should make sure that they eat well and get exercise.

Another important task of a childcare worker is to constantly update the parents of the children’s progress. He should be able to discuss the needs of the children and suggest ways to address these needs. Progress records should be maintained for easy tracking.

Possible options for employment include: self-employment and employment through a private household or a childcare center. Employment may be possible as a babysitter, pre-school worker, nursery assistant, classroom assistant, and play leader among others. One may also work full or part time as a nanny for a single family. Childcare centers usually care for children ages 3-4 years old.

The demand is quite good for child care personnel so there are no worries in looking for a job. Salaries depend on the age and experience of the worker. The requirements, aside from the expectations stated above, vary from a high school to a college diploma, depending on the position. Experience in the field greatly helps so volunteer work while still in high school or college as Sunday school teachers, daycare assistants, classroom workers, as well as baby sitting go a long way.

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