As Simple As ABC

by admin on June 21, 2009

For children ages from 2 to 6 year old

The first step in letter recognition begins when you share alphabet with your child. This will help them develop more advance language skill and good reading comprehension.

Materials Needed

Alphabet books

ABC magnets

Paper, pencils, crayons, markers

Glue and safety scissors

Top List on what to Do:

• Print the letters of the name of your child and recite each letter upon doing it. Name tags in his or her room may be done also and let him or her design or decorate it.

• Don’t forget to teach your child the “Alphabet Song” This will help your child recognize letter as it sounds easily.

• Have your child listen to nursery rhymes and songs and let him or her watch educational movies and videos.

• The refrigerator can also be a medium for learning by sticking magnetic alphabet letter to it. This could help the child play with the letters and the words they need to spell correctly.

• Point out letters from the sign boards, food containers, posters, tickets, books and leaflets. When he or she reached 3 or 4 years old, let him or her name and find certain letter.

• Encourage your toddler to spell out her name and write it in a paper. Their names are usually the first one they learned to spell and write. This exercise is possible for children those ages from 3 to 4.

• Help them make their own alphabet book. This can be done by drawing pictures that represent each letter then let him or her color it. Pictures from old books and magazine can also be used and paste it in your personalized alphabet book.


For children ages from 2 to 6 year old
Predictable books are on top hit to children 2 year old to 6. These books contain action figures that occur repeatedly. This can help to cultivate the child’s imagination on how they will end the certain story.

Materials Needed

Predictable books

Top List on what to Do:

• Rea the book with your child and teach him or her to say the words that is repeated over and over again. It would also helpful if you could name colors and things in the book for them.

• Pick the book that will caught your child’s attention.

Also, consider picking books with more repeated phrases as she can he or she learn it and joins you upon reading it to them.

• A book that gives hint to the child makes reading it more exciting. As the child gets eager to know what happens next the more he or she interested in reading it. Rebuses book – books that stands for words is helpful.

• While reading the predictable book, don’t hesitate to ask question on how he might think to happen in the ending of the story. Observe if he or she point out several words or phrases and then if he can relate to the story that he or she is reading.

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