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by admin on June 11, 2009

When you are leaving your child in a daycare, it is important that you provide the daycare center with your information and details. This includes your contact numbers at home, at work and even your cellphone. This is to assure that wherever you are, the childcare center can contact and reach you in case an emergency occurs. For example, if your child has a sudden fever, an injury or any circumstance that requires your attention, the childcare will be able to reach you. Aside from your contact number, the daycare also assigns another emergency contact person in case you can not be contacted. So that in case of emergencies and you are not available, there will be someone who can fetch your kids. But, the contact person should also be informed so that they will be aware if someone calls them from the child care services. It is also important to that you should sign an authorization letter for the person who will take in charge of your child when you are not available.

In the daycare centers, you can also assure the safety of your children by making sure that the daycare follows the safety precautions. Poisonous substances must be placed in a safe storage to keep away from the children. Regulations from different states require that chemical substances and formulas to be put in a cabinet and locked up unless needed. This is to make sure that there are away from food that can poison the children and even the staff. Harmful substances that could possibly be present in the daycare center are limited to cleaning materials. Other substances can include medicine, vitamins and other home supplies. The staff must make sure that these substances are not lying around the center. When checking the daycare for your kids, make sure to ask them where harmful substances are kept to assure the safety of your kids.

When inside the daycare center, you must take note of the toys and tools that are present within their play area. Make sure that the toys will not pose any danger to the children. Take note whether the toys that are made from plastic do not contain lead and other harmful substances for your kids. Toys that contain sharp or pointed edges must also not be allowed in the daycare center. These toys can cause any kind of accident that would cause injury to the kids. The staff should also watch over the children at all times in order to prevent the kids from putting toys inside their mouth. The caregiver must take note of small object such as pebbles, coins and other small objects and if possible should be put away while the children are playing.

Another thing that you should take notice is the water temperature inside the daycare facility. You must make sure that there are labels in the faucet handles between hot and cold water to prevent your children from having scald and burns. There must also be a staff that will accompany them and supervise them at all times. A state law indicates that the maximum temperature should only be 120 degrees Fahrenheit for hot water to make sure that it is safe for the kids.

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