Authorization Forms your Daycare Business Must Implement

by Carla on December 28, 2009

Each daycare business has its own individual policies and procedures. However, all daycare providers must issue standard childcare authorization forms in order to protect the children in their care as well as their daycare employees.  Daycare authorization forms keep the children in your care safe and limit your liability as a daycare provider. There are a few simple authorization forms that all daycares must implement:

Childcare Pick-up Authorization: Each parent or guardian must complete and sign a childcare authorization form for each child in your care. This form lists the names of all persons authorized to pick up the child. It details the name of the adult(s), their date of birth, their relationship to the child, and their contact information (address and home, work, and cell phone number). The form should also include a statement that says “Under no circumstances will my child be released to anyone other than the individuals named above, without prior written authorization”.

Field Trip or Activity Permission Slips: The field trip or activity authorization form, gives the children in your care permission to leave the facility or participate in a special activity that is outside of the normal daily routine. The field trip consent form should contain the location of the activity, the date and time of the activity, the mode of transportation involved (walking, car, bus etc.).  The field trip consent form should be signed by the daycare provider and the parent or guardian. It should also include a statement similar to: “I understand that the center will take every precaution and care to insure my child’s safety. Adults who will provide proper supervision and will exercise every precaution to avoid accidents, in accordance with the state licensing regulations will accompany visiting groups”.

Emergency Medical Authorization: The emergency medical authorization form gives you permission for a child to be treated by a licensed physician in the event of a medical emergency. Along with specifics of the care the parent’s will authorize,  the form should include the child’s physician, the physician’s contact information, the preferred hospital, the hospital address and phone number, the medical insurance information, the date of the child’s last tetanus (or DPT), and any allergies.

Permission to Administer Medication: Before administering prescription medication to the children in your care, you must have parents complete and sign a permission to administer medication form. This form  should detail the name of the caregiver authorized to give medication, the prescribing physician,  the name of the medication, the dosage, the dosage times, the date to discontinue administration of the medication, the route (oral, through the nose, etc.), storage conditions, and any special instructions. It should also include a space to note the disposition of the leftover medication (returned to parent or discarded), and the date discarded or returned.

Permission to Photo: Photography of the children in your childcare center requires parental permission. The permission to photo authorization form should include the different types of use and the option for the parent to approve or deny each type. The types of photography use include still photography to be given to current clients, photographs in bulletin boards or scrapbooks to be shown to prospective clients, photographs to be used on your daycare business’ website, or still photos in promotional materials. The permission to photo authorization should also include the statement: “I understand that it is my responsibility to update this form in the event that I no longer wish to authorize one or more of the above uses. I agree that this form will remain in effect during the term of my child’s enrollment”.

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