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by admin on May 1, 2009

If you are teaching a daycare and you want to make your activities more interesting and exciting and enjoyable for the kids, there are variety of free daycare activities that you can do depending on your location, availability of transportation, and the number of kids in the class.

You may visit local dairy or cattle farms that offer free tours to their facilities. Farmer owners are certainly happy and willing to show the children around the farms. Thus, this trip will be unforgettable to the students.

Another free daycare activity is a trip to a library. Look for a local library with an excellent kids section. There are libraries that offer weekly activities that are designed just for kids such as story telling.

There are also seasonal free daycare activities like visiting pumpkin patches. The children can explore the patch and crawl through the hay balls. Free visit to Santa will also be enjoyable during winter and to Easter Bunny in the spring.

Free trip to local parks and playground is equally exciting to visit no matter how often the children already went there. A bigger local park will give a better treat to them. They may bring their packed lunch and have their picnic while playing outdoor games.

Check also the local papers, Internet, and local bulletin boards for free activities. There could be musical play in the park, talent shows, and art centers which offer free daycare activities.

Learning Games: a Part of Daycare Curriculum

Children, as young as 2 ½ years old up to 5 years are not yet old enough for Kindergarten. They are usually brought to daycare centers where they offer favorable learning environment and part of their curriculum is the daycare learning games. Children in the daycare meet several times a week either in the morning or afternoon where they participate in organized activities which aimed to increase their socialization skills.

Daycare programs are generally play based because children learn best through play. They are most receptive in learning new skills and their brains are like sponge that absorbs easily all what they see, hear, and experience. While playing, children learn social skills like taking turns and working together, they can also absorb the fundamentals of the lesson without realizing that they are actually doing so.

Daycare learning games in the curriculum help foster important lessons which help the children experience a successful Kindergarten and a successful school career in the future. Examples of learning games are play ball, hand-eye coordination; writing games, for gross motor skills; card games, for memory retention; and games focused on books to instill love or reading and language. Many teachers also use learning games to teach the basics like ABCs, mathematics, social science, and history.

Computers are also now used in daycare learning games. Variety of lessons is improved with the use of color graphics, lighthearted music, and some recognized characters to get the attention of the children.

Therefore, when choosing a daycare, choose those that include daycare learning games into their daily activities because researches have always shown that children respond well to this type of environment and they will retain the love for school and of learning that will follow them for a lifetime.

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