Background Checks On Daycare Staff

by admin on December 16, 2008

In the day care business, it is important that an employer conducts a background check for a prospective employee. These checks would help keep the company, one’ self and the children entrusted to the day care safe. These checks ensure the following; Firstly as to their identity and qualifications as individuals applying for a position in the day care. Secondly, it would determine if there has been a criminal record the applicant may have been a party to and thus disqualifying one for employment. Pre employment tests also may include a drug test to check for substance abuse or illegal narcotics intake. The primordial concern over the safety of the day care facilitators and the children under their care justify the need for these checks. Also, it would avoid legal issues later on as to the day care employing unqualified or undesirable employees.

All applicants must be provided a contract allowing the day care to undertake background screen checks. This would be the permission one would need to conduct inquiries on another person for and on behalf of the company. Also included is a consent form to conduct a drugs test and make this consent as a prerequisite for employment. As one who operates a facility for children, the drug screen requirement is a matter that must be given great weight for the credibility of both the applicant and the center. This screening needs to be conducted by a reputable company who would provide one the services required at a good rate. Many companies operating in the market offer special rates for start up businesses or highly specialized companies such as day care centers. So inquiring on these discounted rates should also be one of the factors to consider in the service offers from these companies providing pre employment drug screen tests. Since this is a cost to be assumed by the company, determine with one’s insurer if
one can avail of premium discounts for liability coverage of the day care since one is requiring mandatory pre employment drug screening.

As the eventual recipient of the drug screen results, do understand that there is only a specific extent as provided for by law that allows use of the information obtained in the pre employment screening. One of the aspects which have legal protection is disability. Other aspects which are disallowed to be used in the screening process include debts previously undertaken, low credit rating scores, and present or previous medical conditions. But id the medical condition presents clear danger to the health and safety of the establishment, only then can this be used to refuse employment. An example would be a contagious disease such as Pulmonary Tuberculosis or some other air borne viral infectious agent.

The pre employment background check and screening takes time, anywhere from two to three weeks. Some provide a shorter turn around time, but this speed has an attendant cost factor. Tracking of documents is key in personnel file management. As one is opening a day care center, it is basic that one conducts background screens on all personnel, even those who work on the periphery of the business such as cleaning personnel. Safety of the children is paramount in this line of business.

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