Behavior Management for Children in Daycare

by admin on May 17, 2009

When one of the kids under your care starts mimicking behaviour that you don’t like and realizes that it he have learned it from other kids, take care not to criticise the other child. You have to realize that this kid probably admires the kids or a quality that the child has.

What you need to do is talk to him or her about his friend and make it clear to him that his friend is wonderful but it is his behavior that is not good. Tell this kid that everyone has bad habits and that what we need to do is to overcome them and not imitate them.

Bad Behavior Reports
Sometimes, a child would be an angel at home but acts aggressively at the day care or on other large group situations, this maybe because the child is overwhelmed by the situations.

Discuss with the parent and find out how and when incidences occur. The child may be acting this way to secure attention and even negative attention from his friends and the daycare providers. If the aggressive behaviour happens when someone is being given more attention, then the child may need to be moved to another procvider where there is a smaller group and where the child can have one on one attention.

Kids usually need this extra attention until they are ready emotionally to interact with larger groups. Kids mature emotionally at different rates and it is advisable to let them progress comfortably.

Praising Good Behavior
Whenever children in your daycare go out of their way to accomplish something special, be sure that you praise the outcome. Put the focus on their accomplishment rather than the child and help them understand that they can do anything they put their mind into.

When it comes to praises, always remember to accentuate the positive rather than constantly criticizing the child’s negative behaviour, praise his positive actions!

Separation Anxiety
For parents, be positive each time you prepare to leave your child in daycare. Make sure that it becomes a part of your ordinary routine and make that you don’t keep on issuing reminders like it is a special event. This will only heighten your child’s anxiety.

So when you go drop off your child in preschool or daycare, go in and say hi to the staff as well as the other kids and then say goodbye. Don’t stay too long or seem like in a hurry to be away from your child so as not to give them the impression that you are running away.

If your child is suffering from separation anxiety, you should be aware that though you have always came back for your child, they are unable to conceive the time can make your child fear your “disappearance.”

Your kid can overcome this issue by coming to realize that this is a normal routine. So establish a regular routine for getting ready to do to the center. It should be at the same time everyday so that it becomes something that your child can look forward to and learns that your coming back is a part of that regular routine.

As parents, we need to be a good model to children and show them the things we enjoy doing or learning – whatever we are passionate about whether it is reading, taking classes or doing hobbies and crafts. If they see that we enjoy learning new things, they are more likely to enjoy it too.

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