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by admin on March 4, 2009

In this article, we will discuss the most important parts of providing daycare for your child and your child’s nutritional needs.

It is not easy for parents not to personally take care of their children as they need to go to work. If a parent entrusts his child off to daycare and doesn’t see what he’s eating or not eating then its okay. Certainly the daycare center is not going to let the child starve and they are going to have good food for him. Right?

Well, it is not always the case. Unfortunately, a daycare center’s nutritional food standard is dependent on its budget. Most daycare centers are poorly funded. Their budget goes primarily to paying the workers themselves. Then there is little left for food. In fact, many daycare centers have no budget for food at all.

So what can a parent do?
Firstly, you have to find out how much the center’s food budget is. They might not be able to give you an exact amount, as they may not even know this figure, but at least they can tell you what they can and can’t buy. This will give you an idea what part of the nutritional requirements of your child can they take care of and what part of it do you need to take care of yourself.

However, this will bring us to the next problem as some daycare centers do not allow food to be brought in from the outside. Many times, this can be because of certain health standard that they need to enforce. The daycare center can specify the foods that are allowed to be taken inside the center. This is why knowing what the center will be feeding your child is very important.

The parent needs to understand what exactly good nutrition is for their child. Unfortunately, not all parents can serve as a great roll models for good nutrition. Many people in the United States are either overweight or malnourished. That is why it is not likely to depend on these people to know what is good for their children. Depending on them for their child’s nutrition is like asking a foot doctor to disarm a nuclear warhead. This is not a good idea.

To better equip the parents with what are the good foods for their children, they need to consult a nutritionist. A nutritionist can design a diet based on the child’s needs. After this, the parent needs to find out which of the foods recommended by the nutritionist are available in the day care center. If only some, or none, then find out if they will let you bring over food to feed your child properly. If this is not allowed, then maybe you need to consider sending your child to other day care centers.

Why do you need to be very particular about nutrition? Simple. There are many studies that have proven that a child’s progress and health are the direct results of what they eat. So if you can’t be around to monitor what your child is eating, but still wants to make your child grow strong and healthy, then make sure that the daycare center is providing him with the food he needs to be healthy. If they don’t, then find yourself another center. Your child’s health depends on it.

Jell-O and Pudding in Daycare Center Meals

Gelatin or jello is a well-loved American household food. In fact, this is the most favored dessert in across the United States. Jell-O is the brand that has become popular for gelatin dessert. Jell-O comes in powder form or in ready-to eat packs. It is normally refrigerated before serving and eaten with a spoon.

Jell-O being supplied to daycare centers is a good idea because children just love to eat jello. Gelatin is the primary ingredients in many well known desserts; and comes in many delectable fruity flavors. Jell-O flavors that children love includes lime lemon, apple, orange, mango, grape, raspberry, strawberry, black cherry, cherry, peach, watermelon, pina colada, apricot, pineapple and many more fruits to mention. Jell-O can come in different colors and shapes too. There are red, yellow, green, blue, orange and white.

Pudding for childcare centers is also very popular. Pudding can be bought in bulk ready to serve 7 pounds of pudding which feeds up to 40 children per can. Children love to eat pudding that comes in vanilla, chocolate, banana, or tapioca flavor.

But why do kids love jell-o and pudding so much? It is because of their sweet and jelly taste and texture. If you are having trouble feeding them snacks, then jell-o is your best friend. Jell-O and pudding have been around for quite sometime yet still being considered as children’s favourite food. They can just eat tons of it and they never get satisfied, they just want to end up wanting more. So child care centers should prepare for a regular supply of jell-o because the kids and even the grown ups will want more once again to taste it.

You can also create jell-o pie out of Jell-O or various desserts with the puddings. There are many recipes that can be made from jell-o or pudding for your kids in the day care center. Use your imagination when cutting the jell-o into different shapes and sizes. They actually call this finger jell-o.

So if until now you enjoy Jell-O and pudding yourself and you have a day care center, always put a steady supply of Jell-O and pudding from all the rest of the day care supplies. You should always buy assorted flavors and offer them in different shapes and sizes to keep the children interested on them. So before you start thinking about other snacks that you will provide to your day care center kids get a jell-o and pudding. It just needs a very creative presentation and you can be sure that the kids will love it!

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