Brushing regularly is part of daily daycare dental care.

dental care is an important activity in a day careDental care in daycare centers reinforces the dental habits at home.

Thumb Sucking in Young Children: Q& A with Dr. Michele Saysan

September 15, 2009

Tweet Tweet Thumb sucking: Is it a true issue for young children? An interview with Dr. Michele Saysan, a Riley Hospital for Children pediatrician, answers questions about thumb sucking that are common among parents and licensed daycare providers. Q: Is thumb sucking harmful for children? A: Thumb sucking can be bad for children. Children who [...]

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Dental Care in Day Care

July 1, 2009

Tweet Tweet A child develops his dental habit at home and it must be followed up in child care centers. Therefore, it is recommended for the centers to put in their curriculum some dental care lessons. They also have to include in their daily activities the children’s tooth brushing.

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