What You Need to Start a Daycare in Your Home

April 9, 2015

Tweet Tweet If you truly love kids, opening a daycare center in your home can be a great business choice. You can keep your business small by operating it from your home. You will need to prepare the space for your daycare and take care of all the legal necessities. Legalities and LicensingThe requirements for [...]

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Childcare Pricing Factors

August 12, 2009

Tweet Tweet Childcare is really important in the world today. With the way that things are going, more and more parents choose to work instead of stay home and take of their children. Working to earn money is a chance that parents take in order to ensure the survival of their children. This is the [...]

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Online invoicing – the easier mode of payment

June 2, 2009

Tweet Tweet When it comes to tracking the parents and their children, and getting paid, it does not matter whether you just started your day care service or you have already been running it for years. While simple bookkeeping is important, keeping of records is not the only answer.

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Fundraising Events For Daycare Centers

February 22, 2009

Tweet Tweet Consolidating Ideas In organizing a fund raising activity for a day care centre, the organizers must consolidate, scrutinize, discuss, approve or disapprove all ideas that they can use, apply and implement for the fund raising activity. All these fund raising ideas are imperative mainly because the kind of ideas the organizers will apply [...]

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Financing For Daycare

December 18, 2008

Tweet Tweet Many want to make a day care center and make it as a successful business. And these dreamers engage in this line of business full time and thus are self employed for it. One of the reasons for this is to be able to earn more while one is staying at home. Other [...]

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How To Finance Your Daycare Center

December 12, 2008

Tweet Tweet Money is important in starting any business. Starting your own daycare center is of course no exception. In fact, before you can start your own day care center, you have to make sure that you have enough finances and funds for it.

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