Partnership Or Sole Proprietorship For Your Daycare Center

January 30, 2009

Tweet Tweet Partnership and sole proprietorship are simple forms of business ownership that are ideal for small businesses like a daycare center. But before making any decision of which ownership model you are going to choose for your business, it is necessary first to understand what the advantages and disadvantages each business type has.

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Reducing Liability Insurance Through Daycare Franchises

January 27, 2009

Tweet Tweet Daycare center is perhaps the type of business that is most sensitive to liabilities arising from the fact that their clients are children who are very much prone to accidents and injuries, both physical and emotional. The expenses for damages in cases of negligence or inattentive staff, especially when the injury sustained is [...]

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Opt For Daycare Franchises And Reduce Your Insurance Premiums

January 1, 2009

Tweet Tweet One of the most liable types of businesses include day care centers. Liability in this regards refers to the cost of damage that is incurred in the event of negligence or inattention of the care taker which can either be extreme most especially if the damages affecting the child or children are dangerous [...]

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