Managing your daycare center

June 28, 2009

Tweet Tweet Expenses in Childcare When enrolling your child in a daycare or a childcare center, there are quite a number of fees that you are entitled to pay. The main cost that parents shell out is for the enrollment fee. Some daycare centers charge for the materials that the child uses in the center [...]

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How To Plan Daycare Activities

June 18, 2009

Tweet Tweet At present, daycare centers are not only places wherein children are cared for while their parents are working during the day. Daycare centers, nowadays, are places for children participate in some activities so as to free them from boredom and make their day recreational. The activity that you plan to give to the [...]

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Record Keeping Tips for Your Daycare

June 17, 2009

Tweet Tweet To have a good financial record, you should prepare a number of logs which includes time, food auto, asset, and others. You should monitor your sources of income: private pay, government pay, grants, and food program. You have to keep track also on your financial statement (like cash flow, income statement), business analysis, [...]

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Designing a Wobbler Room

June 10, 2009

Tweet Tweet A wobbler room is a room intended for the use of children in the daycare. A child must be at least 1 year old to use this room. The ambience, environment, and furniture sizes in this room must fit the motor and physical needs of children. Therefore, this must be well lighted and [...]

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Child’s Experiences at Home Affects his Daycare Life

June 9, 2009

Tweet Tweet There are experiences of children that manifest their effects in daycare. Providers are confronted with different issues on children dealing with problems of divorce of their parents. Others are experiencing problems with a stepparent.

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Childcare Options for You Child

June 8, 2009

Tweet Tweet The care for children has been undoubtedly one of the priorities given by both the government and independent agencies. There are different types of day care centers which give parents the option to choose which daycare center they would send their children to. All of these choices ensure the best care is given [...]

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Behavior Management for Children in Daycare

May 17, 2009

Tweet Tweet When one of the kids under your care starts mimicking behaviour that you don’t like and realizes that it he have learned it from other kids, take care not to criticise the other child. You have to realize that this kid probably admires the kids or a quality that the child has.

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A Must Have Checklist When Looking for a Daycare for your Child

May 15, 2009

Tweet Tweet Parents would normally want the best for their children and of course this would extend to the choice of daycare center to enroll their children in. With numerous daycare centers available, choosing one carefully becomes an important task. Referrals could come from friends, the internet or newspapers. Daycare centers usually have websites with [...]

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Ways to Help You Make Quality Child Care Decision-Making

April 28, 2009

Tweet Tweet There are five ways to help you decide on a child care center of high quality. 1. Starting looking early for a center for child care center will be helpful since it takes ample time to be able to find the right option, whether you are counting into child care in other person’s [...]

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Operating Your Daycare Center

April 23, 2009

Tweet Tweet As parents, we all want only the best things for our kids and if we are the ones running a day care center, it would be our aim to provide only the best for our clients. However, providing all the best things doesn’t mean that we would be spending more and increasing our [...]

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