Qualifications Of Caregivers For Infants

February 12, 2009

Tweet Tweet For anyone to be a qualified caregiver for children, a number of factors are to be considered. This is especially important when caring for an infant who is any parent’s vulnerable bundle of joy.

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Hiring And Retention Strategies For Daycare Managers

February 10, 2009

Tweet Tweet Literally thousands of Day care center directors rely on their gut instinct when making critical hiring decision. They say it’s actually an effective hiring and retention strategy, however, despite that many of them thinks they’ve made a great job out of it, evidence shows the contrary.

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Staffing A Daycare Center

February 2, 2009

Tweet Tweet A daycare center does not need so many occupations to be fully staffed. Aside from the Administrator, who is usually the owner of the center, and the Childcare Director, a daycare center needs only preschool teachers, teacher assistants, child care workers, and office and administrative support like clerks, building cleaners, cooks, and drivers. [...]

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Interviewing Potential Employees For Your Daycare

January 14, 2009

Tweet Tweet If you have your own daycare center, you of course want to make sure that you will hire the best employees – or people who can contribute and aid you to reach your success. You need to make sure that the applicants are qualified for the position that is why interviewing them is [...]

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Daycare Business Employees Right For The Job

January 12, 2009

Tweet Tweet In owning a day care business, it would come to a point that you would not be able to completely perform all the tasks needed to operate the day care business. The simple menial tasks may be overlooked since you would have your hands full with your wards. Thus, one of the most [...]

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Hiring Child Care Providers

January 8, 2009

Tweet Tweet Once your daycare center starts its operations and you have shown to the initial clients that you really meant business, more and more clients will be coming in. Before you knew it, the number of clients you have is way too much to handle by yourself – you need help. You will have [...]

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Background Checks On Daycare Staff

December 16, 2008

Tweet Tweet In the day care business, it is important that an employer conducts a background check for a prospective employee. These checks would help keep the company, one’ self and the children entrusted to the day care safe. These checks ensure the following; Firstly as to their identity and qualifications as individuals applying for [...]

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