Daycare safety is making sure that children are always safe.

Safety of the children is important within the daycare as well as in the immediate vicinity.

Child-Care Facilities and Flu

June 18, 2009

Tweet Tweet Influenza is a disease commonly called as flu. In this condition, a person experiences an abrupt start of fever. He also suffers from sore throat, cough, body aches including headache. When children are affected by this disease, they also experience diarrhea, dehydration and nausea.

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Assure the Safety of your Kids

June 11, 2009

Tweet Tweet When you are leaving your child in a daycare, it is important that you provide the daycare center with your information and details. This includes your contact numbers at home, at work and even your cellphone. This is to assure that wherever you are, the childcare center can contact and reach you in [...]

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Learn about childcare and health

June 11, 2009

Tweet Tweet Taking care of a child is a very meticulous task that needs care. Since children are more sensitive and prone to infection than adults, you must make sure that your child has all the things needed to be healthy and safe even in the daycare center.

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Do’s and Don’ts of Child Safety

June 7, 2009

Tweet Tweet Do’s! • The virtues of being neat and clean are important to the children • When you are clipping their nails, you have to do it with care and on a regular basis • Change soiled diapers right away and be sure to thoroughly clean the genitals • Fungal infection can be avoided [...]

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Keeping Diseases from Spreading in Your Daycare

May 25, 2009

Tweet Tweet It is very important in a daycare center to have preventive measures against many and all sorts of illnesses. The preschool teachers and daycare provider plays a great role in maintaining optimal health conditions for the child as well as ensuring them of a germ free daycare.

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Health Safety in Child Care Facilities through Cleanliness

May 18, 2009

Tweet Tweet The fast paced that we are living today has greatly affected the lifestyle most families have. The need to earn money for the family has left parents with no choice but to resort to child care facilities for their children. Leaving their kids behind while they work is never easy. They tend to [...]

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A Closer Look into the Benefits of Sending Your Child into a Daycare

May 13, 2009

Tweet Tweet Daycares help mold a child into a well rounded and happy person. Man is a social being hence from early on, as babies, need interaction with others. Engaging in activities with other children whether they are peers or older children help the child develop useful social skills early on. This interaction eases the [...]

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The Benefits Of Entrusting Your Child to A Reputable Daycare Center

May 6, 2009

Tweet Tweet The daycare center manages the need the child’s evolving needs. These centers must be regulated by local legislation, as well as every nitty gritty detail: the washroom, sleeping, eating, window space, floor space per child, number of children per room, and light levels for example.

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Swine Flu: What It Is, Symptoms, and How to Handle It

April 30, 2009

Tweet Tweet The human swine flu outbreak continues to grow in the United States and internationally where more countries are confirming cases of swine flu. In response to the outbreak, the World Health Organization has raised the worldwide pandemic alert level to Phase 4. 

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Are You Suited For A Career In Child Care?

April 28, 2009

Tweet Tweet It is always important to decide if a certain career is suitable for you. Most especially if it involves the responsibility of shaping children to grow up to be well rounded people. A career in childcare can be both rewarding and tiring. One needs to be eternally patient with handling children as kids [...]

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