How To Console Your Child When Brought To A Daycare Center

March 25, 2009

Tweet Tweet Separation anxiety is the major problem which every child leaving to a day care experiences at some point of time. Many parents find it really comfy leaving their child at a day care centre while they head to work as they do not have time to take proper care of their tiny tot [...]

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Making Sure Your Kids are Safe at Day Care

March 15, 2009

Tweet Tweet The main duty of parents is to make sure their children are growing up safely, healthy, and to provide whatever it is they need. Another duty that is of primary importance is the responsibility to protect their little ones from all types of danger. The latter poses a big question mark.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Daycare Centers On Children

March 12, 2009

Tweet Tweet Truth be told, enrolling your child to a daycare center can pose both positive and negative effects on children. Ever since women started working regularly and being employed by certain companies, more and more children are being brought to daycare centers where they are usually cared for and taught while their parents are [...]

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Is It Necessary For Your Child To Enter Preschool?

March 9, 2009

Tweet Tweet The obvious answer to this very common question is absolutely NO. It isn’t really necessary for you to enrol your child to a preschool just to be assured of his or her success in the future. Your child can definitely excel and do well in Kindergarten and even in his or her later [...]

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Health Care Policies At The Daycare

February 8, 2009

Tweet Tweet Children can often get sick and when they need to stay at home and rest to prevent worsening conditions and from spreading the illness to other children. It is easy t determine if a child is physically sick if you provide them with proper care and attention. If a child tells you he [...]

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