Licensing Your Home Child Care

February 8, 2009

Tweet Tweet If you are just new to the business of operating a home child care service, you may be trying to decide whether to have your home child care licensed or not. There a few things you need to know that might help your decision become easier.

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Daycare Center Licensing

December 26, 2008

Tweet Tweet The first thing one must have before opening for business is a license. One may overlook this as one is just babysitting for neighbors, but this is a dangerous misconception. By getting a license, one may stand to receive the following benefits. 1) State accreditation. This is a requirement regardless of what state [...]

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The Legalities Of Running A Day Care Center

December 25, 2008

Tweet Tweet A day care is a business with many legal guidelines and requirements that need to be observed at all times. Many businesses sadly are unaware of these responsibilities in the ownership and management of a day care facility. As an owner and manager, one would have many duties to respond to avoid the [...]

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The Legalities Of Daycare

December 21, 2008

Tweet Tweet If one is in search of what laws govern day care centers, then one need not look further. The common progression is that one’s small time baby-sitting service would be expanded into the next level, which is running a day care. This involves a whole new host of responsibilities when taking care of [...]

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