Income Tax Deductions and Childcare

June 28, 2009

Tweet Tweet It is imperative to know that the federal government issues a reduction of your taxes in three different ways. • When you have a dependent child / children, your taxes can be lessened. A dependent is any person of minor age who is living with you for more than half of the year. [...]

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Attaining a Daycare Tax Deduction

May 13, 2009

Tweet Tweet If you have your own children to take good care of and for some reason you have decided to help other parents to take care of theirs too. You have decided to run a daycare service right in the comforts of your home. There is good news with this because you can apply [...]

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How to Start Daycare Tax Reduction

April 14, 2009

Tweet Tweet How do you actually start claiming a daycare tax deduction? Although you already have your children to take care of, you still decided on helping other parents and guardians out there to take care of their child or children in order for you to earn your income. Simply put, you have decided to [...]

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Tax Deductions For Home Daycare And Child Care Providers

March 1, 2009

Tweet Tweet The cost incurred for food and supplies for a home daycare and childcare business can be deducted on the business’ taxes and most child care providers are very much aware of this fact. Some even know they can take a substantial mileage deduction. But many home daycare providers miss some large deductions that [...]

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Tax Write Offs For Your Childcare Business

January 16, 2009

Tweet Tweet A tax write off is a tax deduction. They are the expenses that are normally incurred in the operation of a business and therefore are deductible from the taxes you are supposed to pay to the IRS. By knowing your legitimate tax deductions can dramatically decrease your tax payment, leaving you more money [...]

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