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Christmas Preschool Reading and Resource List: Free Christmas Printables

November 27, 2009

Tweet Tweet Christmas or Christmas Day is a yearly holiday, celebrated on December 25, which commemorates the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. Celebrate Christmas in your daycare center by reading age appropriate stories that focus on the symbols of Christmas and by implementing Christmas-themed activities. Consider the following reading lists and resources for free Christmas [...]

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Thanksgiving: Teaching Preschoolers the Letter T, Alphabet Recognition Activities

November 20, 2009

Tweet Tweet Preschoolers and young children in child care centers can successfully learn to write the letter T as well as recognize objects beginning with the letter T through simple, fun activities. This activity ties in well with a Thanksgiving lesson plan. Learning Objectives The students will identify the letter T The students make and [...]

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Thanksgiving Turkey Place Card Craft: Fine Motor Activity for Preschoolers

November 16, 2009

Tweet Tweet Creating a thanksgiving turkey place card is a fun fine motor activity which allows preschoolers to practice bilateral and visual motor coordination and hand strength. When developing curriculum, daycare providers must include age-appropriate activities for young children that develop fine motor skills. This Thanksgiving Turkey Place card craft is an activity that will [...]

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Fall or Autumn Preschool Leaf Mural: Creative Activity for Toddlers

October 23, 2009

Tweet Tweet Creative activities for the children in your child care center should foster creative development. Creative activities should promote expression, encourage spontaneity in material usage, and introduce children to textured materials. A leaf mural is a creative activity that supports creative development and teaches children in child day care centers about seasons. Begin by [...]

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Preschool Autumn Theme Lesson Plan

September 28, 2009

Tweet Tweet Summer is officially over, but the fun doesn’t end when preschool begins. Your licensed daycare center can utilize this handy, creative and free lesson plan to teach preschool aged children about the season fall. Autumn Art Activity: Handprint Wreath For this activity you will need: 1 handprint pattern; 1 acorn pattern; brown, yellow, [...]

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Fish Sorting Activity: Cognitive Lesson Plan for Toddlers

September 17, 2009

Tweet Tweet Toddlers and children of preschool age love activities that include water, animals, and the opportunity to get messy. Fish sorting is a fun and activity that can be used in daycare centers and preschools to support cognitive development. Cognitive development focuses on developing functions of the brain such as thinking, learning, awareness, judgment, [...]

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Container Gardening with Young Children

September 9, 2009

Tweet Tweet Children are naturally curious about nature and their environment. Daycare centers should take advantage of this by planning environmentally friendly activities. You will find that young children in your child day care center love playing in the dirt, planting seeds, watching the seeds they have planted grow, and then harvesting and tasting or [...]

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Preschool Activities for Saint Nicholas Day Celebration

August 18, 2009

Tweet Tweet Every 6th day of December, we celebrate St. Nicholas Day. Saint Nicholas was once a priest who later on became a bishop. He had always loved children and the poor. Saint Nicholas Day is a great opportunity to teach the child about Santa Claus’ origin. Surely, with these preschool activities, children will enjoy [...]

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Parent Involvement At Day Care

August 13, 2009

Tweet Tweet Daycare centre providers should involve the parents and consider their points and suggestions. You as the caregiver can tell the parents your observation about the kid when he or she is at the center and how the child interacts with others. The parents can give you information that would lighten or make the [...]

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Nap Time in Daycare

August 13, 2009

Tweet Tweet Children need to have their nap time for them to rest and develop. As a daycare owner, you can schedule a nap time for the children in your care. The nap time can start at 12 noon everyday. Since the children get exhausted from the activities that you do in the morning like [...]

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