Halloween Fall Pumpkin Sorting Activity: Cognitive Development Lesson Plan for Preschool

October 14, 2009

Tweet Tweet Fall is in full swing! The leaves are changing colors and falling and the air is nice and brisk.  As many child daycare centers begin to implement fall themed activities, consider this pumpkin sorting activity. Pumpkin sorting is a fun autumn-themed activity that supports cognitive development. Cognitive Development in Preschoolers Cognitive development focuses [...]

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Autumn Preschool Reading and Resource List

October 13, 2009

Tweet Tweet Through storytelling and activities, celebrate and teach young children in your daycare center about  the season autumn (or fall).  This resource list will provide you with a fall themed reading list and free autumn themed  printable worksheets and activities for young children in child daycare centers. Reading List Autumn Board Books and Picture [...]

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Thanksgiving Theme Lesson Plan for Preschoolers

October 12, 2009

Tweet Tweet Thanksgiving is celebrated in the United States on the 4th Thursday of November to commemorate a feast in 1621 that the Pilgrims shared with Native Americans. Thanksgiving is also celebrated in Canada on the second Monday in October in order to give thanks for a bountiful harvest. Daycare providers can create a Thanksgiving [...]

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Halloween Theme Preschool Lesson Plan

October 5, 2009

Tweet Tweet When teaching  young, preschool aged children about Halloween, keep lesson plans simple.  It is not necessary to discuss the historical background of Halloween at this time. Instead, young children in daycare centers can celebrate Halloween by having costume parties and playing special games like bobbing for apples.  Halloween can be fun and educational [...]

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Young Children Learn Through Play: Pretend Play and Gross Motor Learning

September 1, 2009

Tweet Tweet All child care services must incorporate some type of learning through play. Your child care business should focus on a strong preschool curriculum that builds learning opportunities directly into play so that learning develops at the same pace as the growing child. Children by nature are curious, active, and eager to learn and [...]

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How to Teach Children About Creativity

August 12, 2009

Tweet Tweet Children who are enrolled in day care are unique. Each and every child has his own personality which is why it is an important task for you to be able to give each and every one of them what they need. This includes the programs and activities which you have for the children. [...]

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Creating a Learning Environment for Young Children

July 27, 2009

Tweet Tweet What makes a preschool classroom an efficient place for learning and growth? First of all, it should be a place where children feel safe and well cared for. Secondly, it should be a venue where the individuality of each child is given importance, and where they are given adequate attention, affection, and approval. [...]

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Daycare Center – Teaching Your Child Through Crafts

July 26, 2009

Tweet Tweet Children are always so enthusiastic to learn. At this stage, their learning abilities are at a maximum this is why parents should take advantage of this. You child is still willing to grasp new ideas and skills that they may find to be useful in the future. It is important that you come [...]

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Teaching Preschoolers about Zoo Animals

July 23, 2009

Tweet Tweet Preschoolers should learn about the different animals that are present in our world today. These animals can usually be seen and observed in zoos, however if a trip to the zoo can’t be done, there are activities that a preschool teacher can do to introduce the different zoo animals to the kids without [...]

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Teaching the Alphabet to Your Preschooler

June 30, 2009

Tweet Tweet Teaching a preschooler or a kindergartener the alphabet can really be a fulfilling adventure. The alphabet’s literally all over the place. Introducing the children the alphabet is a step closer to them being successful readers. However, this end goal requires hard work. To open the children’s eyes to the alphabet, you need to [...]

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