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by admin on February 11, 2009

One way to make a business gain more profit and get the recognition it deserves it to advertise it. The same thing applies to your day care facility. You want your centre to be known and get more clients so you advertise, but it doesn’t follow that you have to spend a fortune to market your facility. Yes you can effectively market you centre in your locality but the question here now is how will you do it? It’s pretty easy really – all your need is a little hard and consistent work. Your primary call should be made with the printers to make an order for you stationary which should include the following details –

 Letterheads

 Personal business cards

 Small flyers/brochures for distribution. These should include all the amazing things that your day care center can offer and also the following information-

 Your contact details

 What your day care offers in terms of curriculum, additional services e.g. after school, art classes, musicals etc.

 Let the flyer serve as a voucher or promotion e.g. present the flyer and get one week free.

 Anything extraordinarily special about your day care that makes it stands out from the competition.

You may also consider hiring people or a reputable company to put flyers on cars for you, but be sure you’re not breaking any law so double check the appropriate city and local ordinances before you start putting advertising paraphernalia all over the town.

Also check with your post office about the procedures of doing mass mailing and ensure you target home development with young family population instead of a retired community – you would want grandma’s forwarding flyers to her children for their children.

After that you can start stepping out and doing a little leg work and a bit of local networking. On this particular part of your plan, think of places where there’s a congregation of locals and people where they stay for long periods without anything to do. Some of these places could be –

 Doctors and dentists waiting room – these places are full of potential clients

 Any clinics where pregnant women go to for check ups.

 And be creative and think of places where there is a captive audience and people waiting around desperate to read any advertising literature.

Rummage around for –

 Local financial institutions where there are bulletin boards and have lines of people waiting.

 Look for local community notice boards which are often found at the library, hospitals or chamber of commerce.

 Hunt on your local stores and inquire if they can allow you to post your flyers in their windows or doors.

You can also try arranging meetings with local school and see if they can allow you to post flyers on their notice boards. Convince the principal or career officers and try to arrange doing a talk on child care or the day care business for the PTA or a career class.

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