Child Care – Positive Ways to Deal with Guilt

by admin on August 3, 2009

Some parents, especially mothers, often feel a sense of guilt when they have to leave their child in day care centers. Those parents have no choice but to support their family financially so they have to work rigorously out of necessity. As a result, they make the very hard decision to leave their child in day care centers, outside their home, away from them at the time of their work. Because of these inevitable circumstances, many parents, especially mothers, can’t help but to feel guilty for leaving their children in the hands of childcare providers. Here are some approaches parents can follow to avoid feeling guilty:

Always keep in mind that it’s for your own child’s sake. The first thing that you should realize as a parent is that bringing your child/children to daycare is the best decision for you as a working parent and for your baby who needs attention and care. Disregard the old belief that babies should be taken care of only by their mothers until they become toddlers. This maybe true but because of financial needs, you as a parent still have to work and earn income for your family. Thus, do not feel guilty if you have to leave you child to child care providers. Without a doubt, children need attention, love, and care by their parents but babies can still form relationships and attain those emotional needs even with other people who sincerely care for them. As long as the child care giver gives much attention and quality day care for your child, you can be assured that your child will be happy with the company of other children in day care centers where he could learn self-control, language skills and social skills.

Choose day care center wisely. Since you would be putting the care and security of your child in the hands of ‘strangers,’ it is important to choose carefully which day care center you will place your baby into. Make sure that the child care center you selected is highly reputable in giving child care and it has no any record of child abuses. Choosing the right day care center for your child is critical since this is where your child will learn communication skills, social skills through playing with other kids, and basic skills in math and English. Make sure that in day care your child has enjoyable and fun experiences.

Find some balance. You can make up for the time you leave your child in day care through slowing down the process of getting your child ready in the morning. While preparing for your breakfast, try to build much closer relationship with your child through talking to him, telling him short stories, and by just hugging and frequently kissing him while telling him how much you love him. Explain to him why you need to send him in day care and why you need to work. Tell him all the nice things he will learn and experience in day care. If he loves to sing, then sing with him. Also, tell him jokes as you both of you laugh together.

When it’s your time to drop your child off to the day care center, give him something that is special for him, like his comfort food or his favorite stuffed toy. It will not only make your child happy but it will also give him a sense of security while he is in the day care center.

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