Child Care Programs For Special Children

by admin on February 12, 2009

If your child has a disability and you wanted to get a child care program for him or her, it will now be easier than before when children who have disability can not be accommodated by some child care providers because they needed special attention and care. There are also less childcare providers operating than parents who wanted to avail such services. It is also stipulated in the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1992 that children who have special needs should not be discriminated and parents should not be charged more than the usual. This means that all child care providers must make a room for a special child, the acceptance everyone deserves.

While it is quite a hard work to find a temporary home for your child while you are away especially if you have special concerns to be discussed with the provider because of your child’s disability, this law reinforces the rights of civilians who have not been gifted with a normal life.

There are institutions you may choose from to get services for child care.

Some child care programs are operated in a family home. This is also licensed but it can only accommodate six to eight children compared to the 12 to 14 children cared by larger providers. A family child care also has a background or experience in caring for special children. They also have more flexible business hours since they only accommodate a small group. Considering these, you may choose a family child care for your child and you can count on that he or she will be given more attention than in centers where more children are being taken cared of. Having a smaller number to deal with is much easier for the staff.

While there are small-scale operators who offer child care, there are also bigger centers that do their business outside of home. These centers also offer programs that will cater the needs of special children. Carefully evaluating the quality of services provided in the center that will suit the needs of your child is very important. Having a license per se does not assure a parent of the quality service but through background check and sharing of experiences with other parents.

Hiring a babysitter is also one option for you to consider. A skilled nanny would be one of the best choices for parents since they have the comfort that their child is just at home. Usually, a caregiver who has been professionally trained can do the work you needed. Again, have a thorough background check to protect you and your child from mischief. Normally, an in-depth interview with the prospective caregiver would be convenient for the parents since they get to ask questions and level out their expectations personally. You may also ask other parents who have hire this kind of service if they can recommend someone they trust who they already experienced working with. Asking around and sharing your thoughts with other parents can lead you to a good choice for a caregiver.

Sharing with other parents one caregiver to work in your home will also be an inexpensive choice rather than different families hiring their own caregiver. Consult with other parents you know in your neighbourhood and you may realize that this idea could work best for you and them and of course your children. Shared arrangements would be more convenient since parents who are also the employers will have the control in taking care of their children. The shared caregiver can also be directly supervised and consulted when emergency cases arise.

Hiring for child care is a necessary expense in any family. The cost of child care services vary from one case to another. This depends on the needs of your child and the program you would like your child to be enrolled in. Remember that not because your child has disability can the provider charge you more. In these cases, some child care providers give subsidy for special children. There are also aids where you can avail of to lessen the cost of sending your special child to a child care provider.

Leveling of expectation is always important when you want to bring your child for care. Special concerns may be address like the things a parent like you would normally ask or expect. A child care center does not normally offer academic programs or those activities that are more school-based but they could teach your child how to socialize with other children under their care and supervision. The skills your child will learn when you bring him or her to a child care provider are fundamentals before you send him or her to kindergarten.

These expectations if left unattended or not clearly conveyed or discussed with the provider may just waste the time and effort of both parties. An open communication conveying your expectations is thus very helpful. It is also important that you come to terms with these expectations. Here are some things you might want to get answered before you decide getting a certain provider’s services:

 Do you think the program will do any good to your child? Do their programs give special care to your child’s special needs? Your first impressions matter.

 How does the provider treat children with disability and your child in particular? Are they protecting your child? Are they observing extra care? Are they doing their role without pressure that may take a toll on your child?

 Do they have friendly personnel who attend to your needs when you pay a visit? How do they welcome your child on your first visit?

 How does the provider perceive your child’s situation? Do they make you feel like you are warmly welcomed?

 How does the provider conduct its programs for special children? Do they treat your child like any other child or make him or her feel that she is different?

 Do you feel that you are encouraged to join the program? Do they make you feel at ease?

 Does the provider have a high rate satisfaction rating from parents who have hired their services also for their special child? Will they be able to professionally and ably perform their duties with outmost attention to the children who have special needs?

If you have answered positively on these questions, then you are ready to choose which child care provider you would like to entrust your child.

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