Choosing the Right Marketing Strategy for your Daycare

by admin on July 28, 2009

One of the most important stages in putting up a business is how you manage to make it as marketable as possible. This is quite a hard thing to do most especially if you’re the only one who is working on the promotion of your business.

Promotion is a very essential stage in your business. Daycare businesses are not usually known as “businesses” but called as services. This is why some daycare centers do not mind advertising their services since they think that people especially parents would always need a daycare center while they are away. But since the demand for daycare centers rise, there is always competition and you, as the business owner should let your community know that you have the best daycare center available.

Before putting up advertisements about your business in the usual methods, you should first ponder on your business’s identity. Think if it is catchy, easily remembered and if it suits the service that you are rendering which is daycare. This is a very important part of your planning since parents would refer to your business name whenever they would want to avail or inform to others about your business.

The next thing to do is to start advertising. You can begin by putting up posters or giving away flyers. Be sure that these materials contain all the necessary information. This information includes the name of your daycare, logo if you have, location, and contact details. Sometimes the activities, vision and mission, rules and regulations and schedules are included in the posters or flyers. You would also want to include your credentials or if your business is accredited, you can put it in your materials too. Other forms of advertisement would be thru the newspapers, internet, and brochures. Make sure that the ad materials that you give would reflect the good image that you want for your daycare center.

Make your ads professional but as child friendly as possible since you will be dealing with kids. You can incorporate this in your logo since most people would remember it more easily than your name.

If you already have enough amount of money and you would want to expand, you can already utilize live ads that bring much color and action. Since you are dealing with children young and old, your ad should be as lively, as colorful and as bubbly as possible. This will make the children and the parents feel that staying in your daycare center would mean an enjoyable and a fun filled day. You can also do a live ad and post it in the internet if you do not have enough budget for television and other forms of media.

You can also promote and advertise by talking to people yourself. You can ask your friends about the contact numbers of their friends who would likely send their children to a daycare center. You can focus on contacting single parents who would really need assistance in taking care of their children while they are in their work. In addition, you can also go to the Department of Human Services and inquire if they could refer your business to other people who need it.

You would also want to tie up with the other daycare centers that you know. In case they no longer have slots, they can refer their customers to you.

After you have contacted and gained your customers, it is likely that they will contact you if they are interested and ask you about your daycare. So make sure that your telephone or email is always available and always entertain the questions of the customers most especially the parents. You should make them feel that you are really interested in taking care of their child.

If the parents have a lot of queries, always answer them truthfully and politely. Never get intimidated by the questions that they ask you. They only want the best for their children so it is always expected to ask you all the simple details about your daycare. It will be very helpful if you have your manual or your list of rules and regulations if in case they ask you about it.

When the time comes that a customer calls and you are busy attending to something else, never forget to get their phone number or cell phone number. Make sure that you will call them as soon as you are already available.

Parents would also like to go to your daycare center and inquire. Therefore, it is best that you always have your schedule with you in case they would want to make an appointment. If they visit your daycare unexpectedly, welcome them and entertain their questions.

Since parents come and visit your daycare, you should always make it as orderly and clean as possible. The parents would always like to tour the place so make sure that everything is in order. Make sure that the image of your daycare while they visit creates a very good impression.

It is also very helpful if you post on the wall of your daycare the policies that you follow and your mission.

During the visits and interviews, always describe the services that you render exactly the way you do it. You must avoid making promises and exaggerating the benefits that you can give. Make sure that you also say that you can compromise if the parents want special care for their child.

Ask the parents how they would like their child to be taken care of. It would be best if you ask them how they care for their child too so that you would have a basis for your service. Just ensure the parents that you will be offering the best care that their child needs while you are away. Always express your gratitude for their visit when the interviews are finished.

Lastly, if you already have your customers, always make sure that you maintain the good impression that you made. Always give your best in rendering your services so as to make your daycare business as successful as possible.

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