Communication Is The Key For Your Day Care’s Success

by admin on July 21, 2009

Running your own day care center is a big step that you have taken. We all know how a business can really be a tricky venture to get into. This is why most business guides always tell you to plan ahead and make a clear business plan that you should follow. But being in the day care business for so long, I have found these tips very effective but are not the only things which you need to consider if you want to make it big in this business field.

Even if you may have the best business plan, you may still find that some of your clients are dissatisfied with the way that you are handling your business. A day care is very important for parents since they are allowing you to take care of their child. One of the things which parents do look at when they look for a day care is not only the day care plans which you have, but your ability to communicate. Communication is very important when it comes to a day care center because this allows the parents to make sure that their child is in good hands in a day care center. You should always make sure that from the start, you establish a good communication path with your clients.

The first time that you are going to meet the parents, it will be because they would want to know more about your day care. This is the chance that you should take in order for you to establish good communication with your clients. You need to show them the rules and policies of your day care. As parents, they would want to know everything there is about your day care including these guidelines. This will open room for questions about these policies so that you will be able to clear thing out with the parents should they have any questions about these things.

When you are meeting with them, you should make sure that you do your part in asking the parents too. You might think that since they are the ones who will be enrolling their child, they should be the one to ask you about your day care. This is not the case, you too should ask them about certain habits that their family is used to as well as their needs when it comes to a day care. This can actually give you an idea on what kind of care you should be giving their child when they enroll him there. This is very important since this will make the parents feel that you are willing to work with them in both ways.

It is always recommended that you always keep the parents updated with the activities of the day care. You may not call them all the time, but you can always send newsletters or email updates to the parents. They will pretty much appreciate these things especially that they know what is happening to the day care even if they are not there. This will be a great step to ensuring that your clients know that your communication lines are open for them. Since they do want a day care provider who will be able to address to their questions about their child’s needs, you nee dto provide this to them.

This also applies when the children are picked up by their parents. Never ever start a conversation with them that will involve saying anything negative about your child. A conversation is best started on a positive note so that parents will always feel that their child is really doing great in the day care. You can tell them about what happened to their child and update them with the progress that he has been showing lately. On the other hand, if there is negative that you have to say, try to tell it in between the conversation and do not sound harsh, just mention that you are noticing that the child is beginning to be like this or like that. But do always reassure them that there is nothing to worry about as long as proper guidance is done. Always end with a positive tone when you talk to the parents. This will always lighten up the conversation.

If you have anything coming up for your day care, it is best on informing the parents a month or two before. These instances might be that you are closing down or raising fees for your day care. You should not shock them with any news like these so that they will still have a period of adjustment. Always notify them so that they will be able to act properly upon announcement of such. They will find it easier to adjust for a longer span of time rather than in a week or so because this might just cause them to panic.

If you want to know if your communication paths are effective, you should do a survey once or twice a year. This may be a written survey for parents to answer. You need to have these surveys so that you will be open to comments as well as suggestions on how you can improve on the communication that you have with your clients. Remember that a day care takes care of the their clients ad is a service-type of business so you have to make sure that you satisfy them as much as you are able to.

Communication is indeed very important when it comes to the success of your day care. Remember that this is not a one-way business. You need to cater to the needs of the children and you can only do this if you establish a good communication pathway for the parents. You will be able to know any specifications that they have for the children that you should be able to take note of. Running a business is not that hard. As long as you know how to take care of your clients, you will surely be successful in this field.

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