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by admin on May 20, 2009

Being called a babysitter is considered degrading by most childcare provider and preschool teachers. Many of them have acquired education in their field and takes pride in providing these children with a curriculum at the same time providing tender loving care. To keep a quality relationship with these important people in your child’s life, you should not forget to address them as preschool teachers, childcare provider or as day care professionals.

If you want to give gifts, you may simply give individual cards to show your appreciation to each provider; however, you can give a single gift certificate or card for the center itself which they can use to buy something that they really need.

For instance, a gift certificate can be used to buy a battery operated light for the changing table in the toddler room. This way they can change diapers without waking up all the children in the room and make it easier for the staff and the children as well. Day care facilities are usually poorly funded and though they can be clean, bright and modern, they still tread on a fine financial line. That’s why giving gift card for the center would work as real boost. You may try getting certificates somewhere like WalMart and other discount stores so they can choice over the things they need to buy.

You should also find out from your provider if there is a parent’s regular group meeting. If none exists, you can start organizing a parent’s group for the purpose of communicating ideas, thoughts and concerns regarding the care of your children as well as the chance to get to know the families of the children your child plays with. You can schedule meetings at least once a month and usually, the center is happy to sponsor the meetings. Action groups can positively influence the quality of care provided and give valuable insight to both parents and staff as to what needs to be improved on the level of care. Even if the quality of care is already good, it doesn’t meant that they can’t be improved.

When you need to ask questions, be straight to the point. Providers should keep a communication log or daily report that can be helpful, and if they have none, don’t hesitate to suggest it. If they have and it is still not enough for you, don’t be afraid to ask what you need to know. It is their job to know and let you know.

And lastly, it is very important to maintain a good speaking term with the child’s provider and this should go beyond mere pleasantries. You may open a dialogue with your child’s carer and show your interest in knowing your child’s progress and your confidence in them as a daycare professional. Being open in communications allows you to have the earliest possible involvement in solving any issues that may arise as well as your carer’s confidence that they have your full support. This relationship can be easily started through constant greetings and helping your child to make cards for his carer on holidays and birthdays. Say hello to your child’s carer when you see them in public places, make them feel valued and happy as they would work harder and happier.

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