Creating a Daycare Emergency and Evacuation Plan

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Daycare emergency and evacuation plans keep children and staff safe.  Daycare emergency handbooks should contain daycare business information, emergency phone numbers, a parent contact list, an emergency supply list, a childcare provider emergency training log, an emergency practice plan, and a daycare emergency plan for parents.


Emergency Phone Numbers

A daycare emergency plan should maintain current numbers for:

·         Police, fire and ambulance.

·         Local hospital and poison control

·         Public utilities (gas, electricity, and water) along with their 24-hour emergency numbers

·         Emergency management agencies

·         Call letters for local news media (radio and television)

·         Referral numbers for other emergency related organizations such as crime victim services.


Emergency Supply List

Daycare emergency supplies should include:

·         A 3-day supply of water, food, first aid, tools, emergency supplies, clothing and bedding per person.

·         Flashlights with extra batteries

·         Portable radios with extra batteries

·         Manual can opener

·         Gloves, paper towels, and Kleenex

·         Cleanser and disinfectant

·         Hand sanitizer

·         Wet wipes

·         A whistle

·         Disposable Cups


Fire Emergency Plan

Fire is one of the most common hazards.  A fire emergency plan should contain an evacuation procedure. Emergency exits should be clearly marked and fire detectors/smoke detectors and fire extinguishers should be in place and regularly tested.  A fire emergency plan should also include a plan for fire safety training and fire drills. The plan should also outline when and how to evacuate in case of fire and under what conditions staff should attempt to control a fire using extinguishers. Your local fire officials will be able to help you keep current on fire safety.


Emergency Evacuations

Evacuation procedures should be in place and safety drills should be conducted regularly.  The current evacuation plan should be easily accessible and clearly posted. The plan should include at least two unobstructed escape routes. Follow the following general guidelines in the event that an evacuation is necessary:


·         Calmly but quickly assist children to safe predetermined assembly areas.

·         Account for all children as well as staff.

·         Check for and triage injuries.

·         Always leave a note detailing where you have gone if an area evacuation is necessary.

·         Always bring emergency information along with you when evacuating.


Child Care Emergency Plan for Parents

Parents must also be involved in emergency planning. Create a child care emergency plan which provides the following information and distribute it to each family:


·         Daycare name, address, and phone number

·         Location of the predetermined meeting place in the case of an evacuation.

·         Location of the daycare’s inside shelter

·         The plan or policy (action that will be taken) if the child is sick or hurt and forms they will receive such as an accident reports or consent forms.

·         The plan or policy (action that will be taken) if the provider is sick


Daycare emergency and evacuations plans also require preventative measures. This will reduce the threat of accidents and disasters.  Daycare providers must ensure proper maintenance of the facility and take care to ensure child safety. This includes measures which childproof the facility. It is extremely important that all staff members be properly trained in first aid. In addition to having a child care center emergency plan in place, prepare for emergencies by maintaining appropriate emergency supplies and regularly performing emergency drills.


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