Creating A Parent Handbook For Your Daycare

by admin on March 5, 2009

Some parents can be very inconsiderate and could also become very much demanding when it comes to taking care of their children that’s why most daycare centers end up in great problems because they do not have their own parent handbook that parents can check out and use as reference as well. It is important for your daycare center to come up with a concrete list of limitations and restrictions for parents, that parents should follow as well of course. Doing this could make your relationship with the parents much more transparent and a whole lot better as well.

When you create your own parent handbook, of course it would definitely be necessary for you to make sure that you give the parents their own copy and have them sign that they received it and that it is also their responsibility to read it. This will surely cut down the misunderstandings between the parents and your staff.

Some of the most important policies that you have to come up with should include a sick policy. Make sure that you come up with a guideline on what parents should do when their child is sick. Make sure that the parents provide you with their contact numbers so that in case their child gets sick while in the daycare center, it wouldn’ be very difficult for you to contact them. If you notice that one of the children in your daycare center has a rash, of course you wouldn’t want to be reported of abuse right so make sure that you also hire a resident nurse who can check common childhood illnesses. Have a list of possible sicknesses that children acquire so that you wouldn’t have to panic at the sight of sickness or any other symptom.

Have a record of relative of a child, this will identify on who is authorized in picking up the child. You should let the parent know about the policy of picking up the child, be strict on this kind of policy. For security purposes, don’t let someone who is not authorized to pick a child even if he or she is a closed relative of the child. Set standards on how and who will pick a child. Be strict to it, because you don’t want to be blamed when a child got kidnapped. There are some cases that parent are not allowed to pick their own child, have legal documents filed stating the agreement by court.

Make an understanding between you and the parent with regard to payment or tuition fee. Also, include on the understanding on how many days will the child be in a daycare. Explain all of the extra charges if there is any when a child is under your care or even the child is not attending your daycare.

There are also instances that you need to anticipate wherein for some reasons your daycare is closing, make sure you have this kind of policy on your handbook. Include holidays on when will your daycare is close.

Lastly, it would also be very important for you to come up with set rules and regulations on how you can or if you are allowed to punish children with faulty and obscene behaviour. set some rules and regulation in punishing kids with uncontrollable behaviour. This way, there would not be any problems between you and their parents.

Transparency is the Key to the Success of your Daycare Center
If you are an owner of a daycare center, you are probably aware of the fact that some children can be very hard to control when it comes to their behaviour. It is therefore very much important for you to know how you can actually control and prevent a child from causing problems to your daycare center without necessarily having oto end up in conflict with the child’s parents.

If some of the kids in your daycare center are giving your problems, you have to set the record and know for a fact how best to handle them. You can control them in two very different ways. One is by talking to them with so much love and never ending patience but if this does not end to be very successful, then you should definitely consider of thinking of other ways like being more stern and setting your own firm hand.

A lot of things can be the cause of children’s misbehaviour like hunger, frustration, tiredness and other causes. If few kids in your facility are causing problems, you need to determine what are causing to do such. Of course, you need to give your best to solve the problem. You need to try and determine a way on how to make the kids sweet and loving ones.

You need to do things that can make kids do better things than causing problems. You need to deal with the kids eye to eye, face to face. Requesting or talking to kids from a distance can most likely just ignore you. Yes, kids not are not complying with the things you say can cause stress on both of you. Instead of getting down to the child’s level, you need to look the child in the eye and make a clear requests, this can help the kid catch his attention.

Instead of telling the kids the things that you do not want them to do, it is best to tell the things that you want them to do. You need to give them instructions. If the kid has a problem, you have to let the kid feel that you understand, this can help the kid to calm down.

If some of the kids in your daycare center are causing problems and you are doing things to correct these, you need to tell this to their parents. Yes, you need to speak to the parents of the kids and tell them the things that you are doing in order to handle the problems in order for the parents would know. You can politely them the parents that it would be best if they do the same in order to easily teach the kids.

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