Day care 101 – Communicating Effectively With Your Customers

by admin on July 2, 2009

Effective communication must be observed in childcare centers. Since these are facilities are in charge on taking care of the children, they will only be able to do this when they communicate effectively with the parents. Parents usually have certain requests when it comes to the care of their children. This is why they need to be able to effectively reach out to the childcare owners to make sure that their request is taken note of.

Being able to provide proper care to the children will show the dedication and professionalism of a childcare center. They should be able to cater to all the requests of the parents. This is why it is their responsibility to ensure clear communication channels between them and the parents.

A parent usually comes in or calls you up in order to inquire about the services provided by your day care center. Make sure that you clear yourself from the start. You need to tell them your guidelines so that they will know how you operate your business. The number one complaint of parents is the inability of childcare centers to follow their special request. This is why you need to make sure that you establish your boundaries from the start. Set a limitation up to where your company is willing to bend its rules to prevent future conflicts. Should they agree, have them sign a contract in order for future reference.

On your part, you need to make sure that you do your part in interviewing the parents. You have to ask them questions concerning the way that they raise their children. You need to know their habits or practices when it comes to taking care of the child. As much as possible, you need to foster an atmosphere and adopt a childcare method that is close to the way that their parents do it. This is also a perfect chance to ask if there are special feeding instructions or if they child needs any medication. Asking a little about what the child is interested in also helps in taking car of them easily.

It is important to talk with the parent everytime that they pick up their child. You always need to start a conversation with a positive note. Parents would always love to hear positive information about their child when it comes to these things. It is always important to let the parents know that their children are doing well even when they are not there. For negative news, you may insert it in the middle of the conversation. But reassure them that you will be able to monitor this to prevent this from becoming worse. Besides, children have no concept of what is good or bad, this is why you are there to let them know the difference between the two.

Set up an annual meeting with the parents, it is recommended that a mid-year evaluation must be done. Child care centers must provide progress reports on the children and give it to their parents. This will allow the parents to have a clearer idea on how their children are doing in the childcare center. This will help them in dealing with the children at home in order to improve their children in certain areas. Should they have questions, this is the time when they should ask it. You need to be as detailed as possible when your provide these records because with all the children in your day care, it will be hard to remember what exactly happened on the dates that these were filed. It is important for the parent to know that you are concerned with the welfare of the children.

A yearly survey will help you in maintaining and improving your childcare center. You need to conduct surveys for the parents and find out if they are satisfied with the way you are handling the childcare center. You may ask if there are any areas for improvement and if they have any suggestions. It is very important that you ask the opinion of the parents since they are the once you are serving. Whatever policies you may have must be centered on the welfare of the children and parents are the best consultants for these things. They know what is best for their children so knowing their opinion is a factor in keeping the quality of your service. It is best to conduct anonymous surveys. Have them answer a questionnaire and let them take their time in answering it. What is important here is that they honestly answer your questions and provide you with constructive answers.

If there are announcements, always make sure that you inform the parents immediately. Most of the time, this involves raising prices, closing the childcare center or even moving to another place. Parents need to be warned before hand in order for them to make decisions. They need enough time to think of these things whether it is okay for them or not. Especially when it comes to closing the childcare, this can really be a problem for most parents. This means that they have to search again for a credible child care center and adapt to the way that they are conducting the childcare services. So it is always your responsibility to give enough time for them to think.

The way to effective communication is not as complicated as it seems. All you need to do is to open your doors to parents. Even if they may have a lot of questions, you need to understand that they only want what’s best for their child. You can now work together in ensuring that their child is receiving the best possible care. This is done through proper communication in order for parents to be able tell you what they want. Make sure that you take all of their requests down an make sure that you are following them. Remember that things can always go right with effective communication, so do not let this get in the way of building goo customer relationships.

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