Day Care And Health Safety

by admin on July 20, 2009

There are certain things which you want your child to get from a day care center. Lessons like counting, writing, reading and art are some of the things which you want your child to learn. What comes with this is the fact that your child is exposed to a lot of things. Not only are they exposed to the learning materials that are available to the day care, but as well as the germs which might be present all over the place.

Your biggest enemy when it comes to your child’s safety in a day care center are germs. These are nasty micro organisms which you cannot see, but even if they seen to be invisible to the naked eye, we know that they are present everywhere. Especially for places which are not cleaned very well, there are so many germs which are present in that area. This is why parents really make sure that they take good care of their children when it comes to their children.

You know how germs can work into your child’s system and cause you to have sickness as well as different health conditions. Some of the illnesses that you can get from these are chicken pox, diarrhea, infections and the most common- colds. This is why you should always make sure that you pick a day care which is sanitized and disinfects when it comes to cleaning. Of course you are never sure when your child might catch something from the germs that he is exposed to. You always have to ask them what they use when they clean as well the methods which they employ when it comes to cleaning. This will more or less give you an idea on how clean the facility is when you send your child there.

You need to know that in a day care, there are so many sources of germs that your child is exposed to. The toys, tables, floor and other materials which he touches are probable sources of germs. This is why you need to make sure that you have taught your child proper hygiene. Specifically when he touches any surface, he should always wash his hands after. Remind him to never to put his hand in mouth whether it is clean or not because this does not only prevent him from catching germs, but also prevents him from getting the bad habit of doing so. Part of this includes teaching your child to cover his mouth when coughing. This will prevent him from transmitting all kinds of germs all over the place that other children might catch.

As the parents, you should be able to remember your responsibilities when it comes to protecting your child from these things. The first thing that you need to do is to check the immunization shots of your child. Day care centers ask for the immunization records to be filled out before your child will be allowed to enroll. Always give your day care a copy of these so that they will be able to check for certain shots that your child has missed. For your part, you can always ask the day care if some of the children have not yet gotten their shots. You should make sure of these things because your child might be exposed to the germs that can cause serious health conditions.

It is a known fact that it is inevitable that your child will get sick even if you employ all the precautionary measures that you have. The minute that you suspect that your child is catching something, do not panic too much. Do not go to the day care and ask the children to be checked one by one because your child has caught an illness. What you should do instead is that you should have your child stay at home. Call you childcare and let them know what happened to your child. This will more or less give them an idea of what happened to your child so that they can make any precautionary measures that will prevent the other children from getting sick.

At home, it is important that you protect the other members of the family from the illness too. Remind each and everyone to wash their hands frequently to prevent transmission of the germs that can cause them to be sick. This does not only apply when touching your child, but also develop is as a habit for everyone to follow. This will ensure you and the rest of your family from catching and sickness-causing germs. As early as you can, you need to teach your child the proper way of washing their hands. There are stepstools which you can buy so that it will be easier for your child to wash his hands in the sink. You can always add fun when it comes to hand washing with playful designs and colors of soaps. These will instantly make hand washing a more enjoyable experience for your child. If it is possible, you can teach your child how to use sanitizers, but in a day care, they always provide a sink area for your child, so they can just always wash their hands it is needed.

Your child may not seem to care about this at his young age. This is why you need to have all the patience when teaching him these things. He needs to learn at a young age that proper hygiene will lessen the risk of catching any diseases. So never give up when it comes to teaching your child. It is your responsibility to encourage them to follow these simple procedures that will prevent them from getting sick.

It helps to know how to deal with the sickness in the right way. You do not have to panic once you discover that your child is sick. Remember that prevention is the cure, and you need to make sure that your child is preventing and protecting his own self from the possible effects that the germs in the day care will bring him.

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