Daycare Activities: Use Snacks and Crafts to Teach ABCs

by admin on May 21, 2009

It is important to teach children the letters of the alphabet because this serves as building block for learning to read and other early education milestones. But even if the children already know their alphabet, it is needed that they are still regularly reminded and challenged with the letters in various order.

It is effective to find a way to teach the child that is both effective and fun. You do not need to buy flashcards or expensive educational tools as long as you make learning fun, enjoyable and friendly, then, there is an effective daycare education.

This effective daycare learning can be done with three simple methods: see it, say it, and experience it. First, you need to let the child see the letters – both in order and out of order. Then you must say the letter and he has to say it too. Finally, he must use his senses to experience the alphabet in order for him to really understand the letters. You can use food and crafts to help the child experience the letters of the alphabet. Whit this, he can see and create the shapes in three dimensions as well as eating food which either starts with the chosen letter or is in the shape of the letter.

Example of this is by letting the child munch on carrots and candy while gluing cotton balls into the shape of letter C. or maybe, he has to blow bubbles or glue beans in the shape of B while eating banana split.

You can also prepare snacks that start with some letters. W snacks such as waffles, whipped cream, and watermelon; Y snacks which can be yogurt, yellow cake, or yeast rolls; and Z snacks like zucchini bread, Zesta crackers, and Zwieback toast.

Three dimensional art projects are also enjoyable and exciting to do. It could be kite strings beans for K; leaves, lace lima beans lids letter stamps, and shoe laces for L; and for M can be play money, material, macaroni, and moon shapes.

You will be surprised that there are many ways that you can teach your child the alphabet and once you have started looking around your house and outside like in grocery store. Always remember that you just have to be creative and let your child’s wild imagination explore and roam in your kitchen or around the house for the available craft supplies he can use.

As you can see, teaching your child to read and preparing him for his future education should not be difficult, boring, or expensive. It has to be fun and filled with excitement for him to enjoy fully while learning. You will also find it easy if you will use the world around you by using the foods and crafts available in your house.

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