Daycare – An Easy Start-up

by admin on December 15, 2008

Childcare has changed in the last twenty years. Some would say that running a day care would be fun. This is an appealing option for those who do not wish to leave home for work. People have differing reasons why opting for a work from home business is quite appealing. One of the reasons would be having young children and spending time with them during their growing years is a paramount concern. Having children to rear would move people to start a day care because two issues are addressed: caring for children at home and bringing in income for the household. But this kind of business is amiable only to a certain type of individual. This consideration is much harder to fathom. The motive force must be the love of children, not only one’s own but for others who leave the care to them for most part of the day. Having other children to look after is a taxing job, and some may not be able to handle the demands of the job. This does not mean one is a bad individual, but this is a big factor in opening a day care. So the first piece of advice is do not start something that one cannot sustain for a long period of time.

We expect that the earlier part of this editorial has provided the reader very meaningful and useful data with regards to the subject matter. To those who are contemplating of setting up a daycare you must know that there are lot regulations that you need to be aware of. If you a have a small number of children, you are only babysitting but add even just one and you are already considered legally a daycare. This only indicates that you are required by the government to secure a certification stating that you have complied with the rules, initially the center inspection. In addition there are also federal and state regulations and laws that you need to abide by.

As mentioned earlier the first inspection that you need to pass is the center or location and its facilities. A visual inspection, as well as a stress rest of the day care’s facilities, to see if the facility can withstand the rigors of the children’s activities, undertakes this.

Second will be the student and teacher ratio. For every five children, one teacher should be assigned. If you have eleven children, even only one in excess of five children, a third teacher is already required by state and local authorities.

Third test would be the review of the activities of the day care. These include examination of the learning modules as well as the meals served in the center. Knowledge content and teacher qualifications need to be addressed. As for the meals, the nutritional value of the food served would be scrutinized to determine if they pass the legal requirements.

So as one can see, a day care is a start up that is not easy. Many requirements need to be complied with in order that one would be allowed to operate. Love of the children does not hack it anymore in childcare. Teachers, facilities and food are always matters for review before implementation would be allowed.

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