Daycare And Preschool Potty Training Tips

by admin on March 9, 2009

Children who are usually enrolled to a daycare center are usually between the ages of 0 to six years old. This means that there are greater chances for the children enroled in your daycare to still be unaware of how and when to use the potty. It is therefore important for any daycare center to help the children’s parents and work with them hand in hand when it comes to teaching the children about potty training and how to make this experience a definitely great experience for them as well.

Introduce Potty Training – Even if your child will usually mingle with children of the same age bracket, chances are different children will have different backgrounds when it comes to potty training. There are some children who at the young age of two or three are able to say when they need to go to the potty while there are those who at the age of four still end up peeing in their underwear. Even at a very young age, peer pressure can already occur most especially when your child notices that other children are able to go to the potty while he or she is still unaware of what and how to use a potty. It is therefore important for you to introduce potty training to your child before enrolling him or her to a daycare center. The daycare center is just there to reinforce your teaching but it is the parent’s responsibility to primarily teach their child about potty training.

Potty Training Rules – You should definitely set rules and guidelines when it comes to potty training .This experience should be something that you child will not be afraid of and would actually look forward to.

Progress Reports – Speak with the childcare provider often to exchange progress reports. Both of you need to be aware of any successes or potential problems. If the daycare worker tells you that your child used the potty earlier that day, be sure and tell your child that that you heard about his or her success and that you are proud of him or her.

How to Conduct Potty Training in Your Daycare

In your daycare center, you will be dealing with lots of kids and with different ages. Of course, you need to conduct potty training in order to teach some kids under your facility. You need to do planning in order for you to successfully train young kids. You need to focus to toilet training, if you can’t do it, you can ask your staff to do it for you.

You need to have the right materials for it. You need to have lots of potties and underpants in your daycare center and even advise the parents to have it in their homes. Underpants should be colored. You need to get pictures of cartoon characters that are wearing underpants. It is s practical solution to have diaper or underpants for any trips. But, make sure that you treat underpants as real pants and not diapers.

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