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by admin on December 22, 2008

As a woman, it is so important to be financially independent and able to earn extra income. One way to reach this ideal is starting a day care business. Owning and operating a day care facility is not only enriching but also financially rewarding.

One needs clients to make a run at day care management. And how can one reach out to these prospective clients? It is through advertising that one is able to reach a wider expanse of clients for the services offered. The main drawbacks to operating a day care business are that parents want to have facility near their homes to lessen the travel time between day care facility, workplace and home. Since most clients would be nearby neighbors, then it would be easy to reach out tot hem, even door to door to advertise one’s business.

Flyers would be the first step in a day care facility’s advertising campaign. Important information is needed in the flyer, such as the facility’s name, address, operator’s name and phone number. Making them in different noticeable colors also helps send the message across. Having many flyers would help saturate the area for one’s business. Being timid about the rewards of one’s expertise and abilities is not needed as one needs to promote the business for it to operate and earn. Without any of thee, one would be similarly situated to a person trapped on a deserted island. But do take note of the costs of the flyers as it is a cost that one would recoup in the future and not immediately

The next issue to be addressed would be where does one give out these flyers? Finding an area with many parents milling about would be a good place to start. There would be bulletin boards in church or recreation areas, in supermarkets and malls, and even in school buses. As parents do the shopping, they would see your ad and get the flyer. Afterwards expect a call from these parents inquiring about the services. Making these flyers visible and accessible also makes the day care facility visible and accessible. Other places to take these flyers are gyms and in churches, but do remain in the parking lot so as not to disturb the service. Other places one can distribute these flyers are near restaurants for children or in ballparks. Since the parents go to these venues, it would be certain that they would be seen there.

With the flyer method, one can advertise the day care facility in locations where people go to and spend time in. When they see the flyer, they will take notice of the information of they need it, or know of someone who may benefit from the service. Once these calls are made then one can convince them to enroll their child in the facility and thus make a profit for one. But do note that one should not litter and before putting up flyers or giving them out, one seeks permission so that there would be no issue later on.

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