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by admin on December 9, 2008

Daycare centers are play area where working parents can leave their child for the day so that the parent may be able to go to work. Not all find a happy situation with regards to engaging the services of a day care facility for a child. So if a child is unhappy in the current facility, what then can a parent do?

The first step must be communicating with the day care facilitator. Parents at the first instance be able to address issues and observations about the center’s facilities and processes. It is not surprising that many children learn to use the power of parental guilt to curry favors from the parent. This is easily discernible by a child not wanting to let go of the parent but becomes happy and sociable when left with other children. If this happens everyday, the day care facilitator now can step up and address this situation. This stepping up involves correcting inappropriate behavior in the child and providing the child a full perspective of the child’s behavior in both the parent’s vicinity and most especially when parents are not around. This cooperation is key to finding the best opportunities and instruction for a child.

Change may be the option. One needs to scout around for an alternative facility if there is unhappiness in the child or there are observations that were not addressed even if properly raised. Another day care facility may provide the refuge the child needs and the parent the sense of security that one’s child is able to develop into a good person. One does not get into a lifelong bond in day care facility engagement, parents are free to move about to see other day care centers that may provide services more suitable to the child’s needs and temperament. So finding a suitable day care facility, be it for area or for content, one needs to do the proper legwork or research for one to be able to decide correctly.

Solutions can be found. Sometimes, parents need a realization that day care may not be suitable to one’s child. Having one parent, in a two-parent family staying home may be the healthier alternative for the child’s welfare. Fiscal decisions would have to be made but the loss of one parent’s earning capacity may not be that deeply felt because of the budgetary changes that have been made concerning the adjustment to incomes. One may even not need to give up the income altogether. Working from home, telecommuting and other part time work are options one can undertake to care for the child while still being able to work. Some offices even have day care facilities right in their offices and thus the child can easily accessible by a parent at any one given time.

Parents must decide as a family unit to seek what is the best option for their child. With the many options that have been discussed, with some discernment and decision-making, the ultimate beneficiary is the child’s welfare and development. Finding the solution, if day care services are not good for the child anymore can and may be found for the family’s betterment.

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