Daycare Center – How to Ease Separation Anxiety

by admin on July 18, 2009

Separation anxiety happens when it is the first time that the parents would leave their child. This includes feelings of guilt, remorse and fears by the parents for leaving their child to someone they are not related to and by the child who will be left to someone he barely knows. Separation anxiety are manifested in children through their actions such as holding onto their parents and not wanting them to leave, throwing tantrums and ignoring the nanny or the daycare provider who is trying to calm him. On the other hand, the parents hesitating to leave the daycare, leaving when their child is not aware and holding onto their child are ways in which separation anxiety is displayed by the parents.

Separation anxiety is not good for both parents and child and this should be avoided or prevented. To prevent separation anxiety, the parents must be able to remove the feelings of fear and guilt first. Once the child observes that the parents are more relaxed, they also gain the confidence that they can trust the people with whom they will be spending the day and they would easily adjust to the new environment without their parents at their side. There are other ways to ease separation anxiety and they can be very creative ideas that you can do with your child. Some of them are included in this article.

First is having temporary tattoos, these tattoos are available in the grocery and buying a temporary tattoo of your child’s favourite cartoon character should be done. Before going to sleep, you should tell your child what to expect the next day and calm his fears by saying that when he feels sad or afraid, he should just look at the tattoo which is placed on his hand to remind him that you are just around. Before leaving your child, you can tell him again that the tattoo signifies you being back again to pick him up after work.

Buying healthy snacks that your child can bring to the day care can also be done. When adjusting to the day care center, the child usually needs something to hold on that will remind him of you. Besides, he may not feel comfortable eating the foods prepared by the facility, so having a healthy snack that is his favourite would definitely ease anxiety. Reducing the amount of the snack you pack for him would gradually ensure his adjustment to the day care setting.

Lastly, children often want their parents to read them bedtime stories and so should you. There are lot of story books which contains pictures of children going to the day care center and allowing your child to see this or hear about other kids’ stories would make him understand that he is not alone and other children are also dealing with the same kind of situation.

After every session at the day care, you must ask your child about his day and based from his reactions, you must evaluate if he is adjusting to the new environment. Usually, most kids are already adjusted to the setting after one to two weeks. If your child is still having a hard time adjusting, dropping by the center and seeing how your child interact with the adults and other kids would give you an idea of the problem. Any problems regarding the services that the day care gives should be addressed to the provider for them to do something. After all these, and your child is still not adjusting, taking into consideration other childcare options that may be more suited to your child should be done.

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