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by admin on December 26, 2008

The first thing one must have before opening for business is a license. One may overlook this as one is just babysitting for neighbors, but this is a dangerous misconception. By getting a license, one may stand to receive the following benefits.

1) State accreditation. This is a requirement regardless of what state one lives in. Each would have different set of criteria and requirements depending on the age of the children to be enlisted to their care. Thus, a license would make for more clients, as parents would want to know who they are leaving their child with. These licenses would be obtained after compliance to a battery of health and safety issues for a day care facility. This also establishes an effort to show that one is serious in the business of caring for kids. So by having a license, one is imbued with trust and confidence by the government that one is capable and able to run a day care facility which is safe and fun for a child.

2) Parental requirements. Parents are concerned about their child and as such it would be natural for them to inquire about one’s accreditations. Thus a license would surely embolden them to integrate one’s child into the facility. So by proudly displaying the license, a parent’s fears and worries are generally assuaged because as a certified service provider, one is duly capable to provide all the necessary care for the child while in day care.

3) Rule observation.
By getting a license, one is approved to be compliant with current state and local requirements for the operation of a facility for children. This also shows that one is avoiding violations of the law. If one is violating a particular regulation, this would be cause for shutting down of the business and a license avoids that trouble. Also, as a licensed operator, one would be better protected under the law as to liabilities that may occur and have the proper personality to file claims in courts. The license grants the privilege to operate and identifies the person to operate the service. Without a license, a day care facility has no legal personality to speak of.

4) Tax coverage. Proper taxability is also one aspect why licenses are very important before operating a business. Deductions for home business use, and also operation of a day care are many tax benefits one can enjoy when one is duly accredited. Also, one can generally determine the taxes payable for the business and may even have proper breaks and rebates to be able to recoup some of the items paid for taxes.

The above are but few of the reasons why getting a license is important in a day care facility. This is the first line of certification that would be required by everyone dealing with one’s day care business. Thus the absence of a license may actually be a problem rather than a solution. So go to your local government offices to apply for a license as soon as possible.

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Palma Campbell April 21, 2009 at 11:34 am

please send me information in going forward to obtaining my icense

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