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by admin on July 26, 2009

Children are always so enthusiastic to learn. At this stage, their learning abilities are at a maximum this is why parents should take advantage of this. You child is still willing to grasp new ideas and skills that they may find to be useful in the future. It is important that you come up with activities that will be both fun and effective for your child. Children learn best when they are having fun so you need to be as creative as possible. You can incorporate in your daily activities lessons in numbers, reading, writing, drawing, history and even science.

Crafts are one activity that your child may enjoy doing. This enhances the creative mind of your child. It is now up to you how you are going to incorporate lessons in this activity. This is the perfect choice if you want your child to enjoy as well as learn. This can be something which you and your child can enjoy together. Remember that what is important is that your child is learning from these and not to come up with the perfect output.

With so many choices, it may be difficult for you to choose one. It is highly recommended that you have a lesson plan and depending on the lesson for the day, you can now pick up your craft sets in toy stores and teach your children how to learn the fun way!

Puppet shows are one of the most enjoyable learning methods of children. You can teach them how to make their own puppet and play with them afterwards. Choose a theme or storyline from their favourite show and you can play with the puppets and imagine that they are the real thing. This will really allow your child to use their creativity in making puppets. One more thing is that they will learn how to be resourceful. They will learn that they can use sock for puppets and even buttons for eyes. Your child will learn a lot from this activity.

Play dough has been one of the most popular choices for parents. Almost everyone you know have played with this. All you need when playing with clay is your imagination. You can teach children how to make animals, people, shapes and numbers using play dough. The children can work in groups and come up with a whole set of animals or a village. This is an enjoyable activity for your child since they can mold anything that they like, in any color that they want. You can play guessing games by molding a shape and ask your child what you have molded. This will allow your child to discover new things through pay dough.

Cooking is a fun activity that you can teach your child. The easiest way that your child can enjoy cooking is through baking. You can bake your child’s favourite cake, cookies, cupcakes, muffin and almost anything. You can teach your child how to mix the batter and pour them in the pans. But cooking does not stop there. You can buy decorating materials for the cake. You can buy colored icing and flowers made out of sugar which you can use to decorate a cake. You can put different designs on the cake which will make it more enjoyable to eat.

In baking cookies, you can use various shapes on cookie cutters which will be make cookies more fun to eat. You can also make crafts like designing cookie jars where you will out your cookies after baking. You can teach them how to draw simple things on the jars which they will remember everytime they get a cookie.

Playing outdoors have always been one of the things that children enjoy doing. Crafts are usually done indoor which may bore your child. It is important to have some fresh air once in a while. One activity that you can teach your child that can e dine outdoors is gardening. Teach your child how to plant, make flowerpots and even garden bins. At this point, your child may have established a favourite flower, fruit or vegetable. You can buy seeds and team up so that you can plant together, dig the sand, place the seed and cover it with soil. You can teach your child to be responsible by checking up on the plant from time to time and watering them based on the schedule. You can also plant in pots where you can put designs like a face where the hair is the grass that is growing. There are countless of options that you may take when it come to gardening.

Making scrapbooks is one craft that your child will surely enjoy. You can but a blank scrapbook which you can decorate from scratch. Let your child pick pictures which they like or remember to have a good memory with. These are the pictures which you can place in the scrapbook. Your child can practice his writing, coloring and even designing. They can incorporate colors which complement each other and designs with a theme. You can have fun reminiscing these moments with your child.

There are so many crafts from which you can choose from. You just need to be creative in coming up with an activity for you and your child. Make sure that you are able to teach your child the importance of doing the activity so that they will not only enjoy to learn but they will also enjoy the activity.

Children love to learn in a creative way so make sure that whatever you are doing, your child is interested in this. They will be willing to learn if they are enjoying what they are doing. Make sure that you are doing a craft that is age-appropriate that will allow them to learn from these. Remember that crafting is more than just a hobby or a past time, it is something which you can use to teach your child certain skills which they can further develop when they grow up.

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