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by admin on March 11, 2009

Here are some tips you might want to take a look at in order for you to choose the best available accounting software for your daycare business.

1. Be Smart: Get in touch with business acquaintances, do research on the net to find about the management software that will suit your needs. Take feedback from people who are already using it.

2. What requirements should you meet? Make a list of your specifications.

3. Value for money: Make sure that your software falls within your budget. Otherwise you will find this tool to be effective however, it can be very costly on your part.

4. Open yourself up to the countless variations you have when it comes to accounting software available. It will be very difficult to do a comparative analysis of the modules available. Non-modular, fully integrated systems remove the mind-boggling task of comparisons and analysis.

5. Consider software with a double-entry accounting: It is advantageous to buy software that recognizes double-entry systems and has a in-built system that can do balances and checks.

6. Buy only the complete package. Go for QuickBooks as it provides an all-in-one system that is easier to use, efficient and easy to maintain.

7. The features of the software says it all. Make sure that the software you will buy is upgradable, and has a in-built email capability, email, backup and it should be able to provide immediate access to databases.

8. The simple the better. During the trial run, if the software works smoothly and is easy to handle, chances are that the package is right for you.

9. Flexibility in customization: Make sure that the software is flexible and can adapt itself according to your setting preferences.

10. Go for functionality and efficiency of use. Look for the latest features and upgradability of the module.

11. Be brand conscious: It is better to buy software from a company that has been in the business for number of years. A reputed and a stable company will always provide a great after sales support, if needed.

12. Software should not require a lot of after sales support: Look for a single, integrated system as it is better organised, easier to use and has less program hiccups than a modular system.

Childcare Manager has existed since 1985 and is being used in most childcare centers all over the world. It works seamlessly in various business settings like child care centres, day- care providers, preschools, clubs, etc. It is one-in-all, uniquely designed system that provides easy access to all information regarding the child, family members and employees. The childcare manager can be configured at any convenient location. It has an integrated export function that allows to user to send required information to QuickBooks.

An email is usually directly sent to the clients’ email id. Childcare Manager provides a vigorous backup system to the database. Its QuickCam feature stores sponsors and co-sponsors as well as contact information of employees and the like.

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