Daycare Centers – Their Effects on Children

by admin on May 19, 2009

With our present economy, it is sometimes necessary that both of the parents must enter the workforce to earn a living to give a decent life for the family. This is very stressful if there are still small children that need to go to daycare.

Finding a good daycare service that meets your standards is tough because you often feel that no one can replace you in caring for your child. However, you can find quality daycare services if you know how to go about locating them. Take note that nothing is too good for your child and daycare makes no difference.

Research each daycare you are considering. Know that daycare services are governed by individual states and they are subject to their rules and regulation. The state licensing division in your area can assist you in gathering relevant information regarding any daycare services in your area.

Daycare services come in different sizes and forms. But if you like a more personal one-on-one relationship of your child with the daycare service providers, you can look for a home daycare. They provide daycare in their own home but still they are governed by the same rules and regulations as other facilities which are more rigid.

Your child is your first priority and if you are not at ease with the daycare service you have chosen, this will reflect in your productivity at work, therefore, it is advised that you take your time in choosing the right daycare service for you and your child. But if you are not sure of what daycare service to choose, consider the referrals of your family, relatives, and friends and those you know who were satisfied with the daycare service provider they have chosen.

By putting your child in daycare, you will able to go back to work so you can keep the home fires burning which would benefit your whole family. Your child also benefits from being in a safe, healthy, and hygienic environment where his needs like food, play, and washing up are all taken cared of.

With other children present in the daycare (from babies to toddler to pre-primary or even primary school children) your child learns to live in a social environment. He learns new skills such as communication, interactive play and team games. Some values are developed like sharing, table manners, and importance of obeying rules. They are also used to being in a structured environment which serves as a good preparation to a regular school later.

Children make friends in daycare and they also learn to follow rules and taking turns. They learn habits such as taking naps and putting away toys after using them. A good daycare service involves the children in a variety of fun activities like painting, puppetry, motor skill, expansion games and clay or sand play. Lessons on music, dance, and reading are also part of their activity. These would give the child a whole new world of play-way method of learning. These activities also reduce the chances of separation anxiety especially when they finally have to attend to a regular school.

Aside from socialization skills learned by your child, basic number, alphabet, and speech concepts are also taught. Thus, daycare essentially makes it easier for both the child and the parent to adapt to their regular school better and faster.

Most daycare centers encourage a classroom-style environment for older kids who are about to enter the regular school so that they will not be intimidated by the first experience at their school.

Some daycare centers have teachers whose task is to supervise timely homework schedules by school-going kids and they also guide them on various subjects, thus lessen the burden of the parents.

Therefore, with the bunch of benefits of a quality daycare centers, parents are lucky enough if they pick the right one for their child. But of course, the child still need to play with his Mommy and Daddy once the child goes home. He still needs a hug from you and the “how did your day” or “glad to have you back” routines. These will keep your child feel loved and cherished.

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